Maki Itoh’s Run in AEW So Far

Maki itoh’s run so far in AEW has been quite interesting to watch. Itoh has taken the opportunity to appear on AEW by the horns and so far I would say it has been a success.

It took Maki Itoh very little time to connect with the AEW audience and now fans want Tony Khan to sign Maki Itoh to a contract.

AEW Women’s Eliminator Tournament

Maki Itoh was one of the participants announced on the Japanese bracket in the AEW Women’s Eliminator Tournament and her opponent on the first round was Ryo Mizunami (Eventual Winner of the Tournament).

Unfortunately, Maki was not able to defeat Mizunami, but she won the attention of the AEW audience after her performance on that match. Like love at first sight, the AEW audience immediately connected with Maki Itoh and her fired Idol gimmick.

But that was not Itoh’s last appearance for AEW, she was also part of the BR special produced by AEW and she was part of an excellent 6-woman tag match.

Revolution, BTE & Dynamite

Most fans thought that after the BR Special it would be the last time we would see Maki Itoh on AEW until things would get back to normal. We were all wrong.

Maki Itoh made a surprise appearance on AEW’s PPV Revolution on the Buy In match as Britt Baker’s tag partner. Her appearance on the show was one of the hightlights of the show and she was trending for most of the night.

Maki was not done with AEW, and the following day she made an appearance in BTE as part of a Dark Order skit.

Itoh would go on to wrestle on this week’s episode of Dynamite and be part of one of the highlights of the episode, while everyone was brawling before the match began, Itoh continued to sing her entrance song. Her performance was praised from most fans and she once again trended on social media.

The Future

The billion dollar question is, should AEW sign Maki Itoh? In my opinion yes. Maki Itoh in just a few performances, she has been able to connect with the AEW audience despite a language barrier.

Maki is still green on the in-ring aspect of the game, but Maki Itoh is just made for American TV wrestling and with a few more seasoning, Maki Itoh is going to be a massive star for them if she is signed to the promotion.

And remember, who is the cutest in the world? It’s Itoh-chan of course.