Matt Cardona Shot an Interview for The Miz’s WWE 24 Special

Matt Cardona got released from WWE last year during their coronavirus cutbacks and has made his rounds in both All Elite Wrestling and Impact Wrestling as well.

On a recent episode of MC! True Long Island Story, Matt Cardona (formerly known as Zack Ryder) , commented on the fact he filmed an interview for The Miz’s upcoming WWE 24 documentary.

“I was super happy for Miz [heading into WrestleMania 27.] I actually just filmed a WWE 24 little sit-down interview for Miz this past week and yeah, I’m busting his balls half the time, but for the other half, I’m talking about how proud of him I am and how you know, I saw The Miz, when Brian [Myers] and I got called to the main roster, at this time Miz was hated, like kicked out of the locker room hated, that’s heat. At that time, it wasn’t a smooth transition from developmental to the main roster. Now, if you’re on the main roster, they play your music [and the] fans know who you are. You have an action figure, it’s different. It’s not developmental anymore. Back then, it was totally different. They didn’t want you to be known just in case they switch to something else on the main roster, So, when Brian and I get called up, you can’t just change in the male talent locker room, you need to ask, you need to be invited in. So we’re changing with the extras, and Miz is as well, if not changing in a Janitor’s Closet. So that’s how I originally bonded with The Miz because he was kicked out of the locker room and we weren’t invited in.”

Credit to MC! True Long Island Story and H/T to Fightful for the transcription.

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