NXT UK Recap and Results

Another huge night of action from the BT Studios as NXT UK has a colossal main event featuring two of the very best wrestlers on the planet, as Kay Lee Ray defends her NXT UK women’s championship against the legend that is Meiko Satomura.

Also in action Amir Jordan and Kenny Williams face Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter, plus Ilja Dragunov finally has a chance gets his hands on Sam Gradwell one on one in ring, on top of that Tyler Bate is the latest guest on Noam Dar’s Supernova Sessions.

Sam Gradwell vs Ilja Dragunov

*Ilja Dragunov defeated Sam Gradwell via referee stoppage.

This match was all about Gradwell trying to get Ilja Dragunov to loose control, Ilja opens up with some fantastic takes downs showing off his Sambo background. Gradwell is able to get the edge for a period after his mind games start to take affect, Gradwell is able capitalize with an impressive STO slam and Double Arm Suplex. The two unleash a variety of stiff shots and strikes, Dragunov hits a clothesline that nearly takes Gradwell’s head off, eventually Gradwell hits one slap too many on top of talking about Dragunov’s family, Dragunov looses it. Dragunov just unleashes strike after strike before trapping Gradwell in the crucifix lock and hitting Gradwell over and over with elbows and knees until the referee puts a stop to the match. Following the bell Dragunov does not stop continuing to land elbows and knees until referees come to Gradwell’s aid Dragunov goes after a referee and Gradwell can be seen smiling despite the loss.

Backstage we see Kay Lee Ray getting ready to defend her title in the main event

Promo Video for Teoman set to debut next week

Aleah James and Xia Brookside are back stage having a snack, Xia then orders Nina Samuels, her assistant for the month, to make them a cup of Tea. Samuels tries to spoil Xia’s tea with salt but when she gets back Aleah no longer wants a tea and Xia grabbed the tea that not been spoiled.

Naom Dar Supernova Sessions

Noam opens up his show with some reviews of his show before introducing Tyler Bate as his guest, Noam talks to Tyler about his new Zen outlook, Noam then spends the rest of the segment trying to test Bate’s Zen outlook. Noam mocks Tyler for being a vegan, talks about his defeat to A-Kid for heritage cup and tells Tyler he should be sacred of his match next week against Dave Mastiff. Bate responds by discussing how the Heritage cup was still on his mind and that he spoke to Johnny Saint about making his match with Mastiff next week, a heritage rules match, he then makes Dar flinch before ending the segment.

Ben Carter is training in the performance centre, he speaks to the camera man about learning British style wrestling with British wrestling legends such as James Mason.

Isla Dawn video package shows her using dark magic, hinting a change from her white witch personality.

Aleah James video package where she talks about be inspired by WWE legends Mickie James and Melina.

Meiko Satomura is seen warming up for the main event where she challenges for the women’s championship.

Promo Video package for next weeks mixed tag team match as Jack Starz and Piper Niven (Starz and Pipes) face off against Jinny and Joseph Conners.

Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter Vs Amir Jordan and Kenny Williams

*Amir Jordan defeats Oliver Carter via pin fall

Match opens up with some nice back and forth with Kenny Williams and Oliver Carter as the pair show off their incredible athleticism but things change when Carter tags in Smith who just runs at Kenny Williams, who quickly tags out to Amir Jordan. Jordan spurned on by his win against Tyson T-Bone a couple of weeks ago starts brightly against Smith but soon finds himself out of his depth up against Smith’s strength, Smith and Carter then isolate Jordan showing off some of their innovative double team moves. Jordan is able to get the hot tag to Williams who bounces all over the place picking the pace right up,

Jordan and Williams hit stereo suicide dives, throwing Carter back in the ring Williams tags Jordan back in and they hit a double team move but Carter kicks out of the pin attempt. Carter and Jordan trade off pin attempts, Carter had Jordan trapped with Jack knife cover but Williams trips Carter’s leg allowing Jordan to trap Carter in a pin attempt to get the three count and pin fall victory.

Back stage Williams and Jordan celebrate their victory announcing next week they will face Mark Andrews and “Flash” Morgan Webster.

NXT UK Women’s Championship Match

Meiko Satomura vs Kay Lee Ray

*Kay Lee Ray defeated Meiko Satomura via pin fall

Neither women holds back as the match the kicks off even simple arm lock looks viscous as both women look to gain the upper hand. It’s Meiko who is able to gain the advantage, stringing together some offense and unleashing a barrage of kicks. It doesn’t take long for Kay Lee Ray to get back into the match unleashing a vicious kick of her own following a snap-mare take down but Meiko answers back with corkscrew spin kick and once again the momentum of the match changes.

The two ladies just trade back and forth neither of them able to mount any long sustained periods of control, Kay Lee Ray is able to land a trip near the edge of the ring and hits a draping DDT from the apron to the floor. They fight it out on the outside and as they start to get back in the ring they battle on the apron as Meiko hits a Death Valley Driver on Kay Lee Ray.

Meiko is back in the driving seat as she hits a DDT in the ring, Kay Lee Ray tries to fight off a back drop driver from Meiko and Kay Lee Ray is able to kick out of the pin attempt. Kay Lee Ray is able to get a reversal, hitting a tornado DDT and locking in the Koji Clutch to get a submission but Meiko is able get the rope break. Kay Lee Ray goes to the top rope but Meiko is able to cut her off and place Kay Lee Ray on her shoulders to hit another Death Drop Driver, Kay Lee Ray kicks out the pin. Meiko goes for a top rope splash, Kay Lee Ray gets her knees up, she hits Meiko with a super kick following it up with her Gory Bomb but Meiko once again kicks out the pin, Kay Lee Ray goes for a Senton bomb, Meiko moves out of the ring. Kay Lee Ray blocks Meiko’s Scorpion Rising Axe Kick,

the two then trade reversals and pin attempts in the closing stretch Kay Lee Ray is able to transition Meiko into position to hit a Gory Bomb once more and gets the pin fall victory. Following the match Kay Lee Ray pays respect to Meiko Satomura bowing, shaking her hand before embracing but it is Kay Lee Ray who stands victorious.

What an incredible main event to finish off another fantastic NXT UK, Kay Lee Ray retains her NXT championship against Meiko Satomura in a NXT UK match of the year contender. Another incredible NXT UK set for next week with the first ever mixed tag team match on NXT UK. Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan look to push on from their victory this week against “Flash” Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews plus Tyler Bate and Dave Mastiff face off in a heritage rules match. You can catch the latest NXT UK on WWE Network.

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