Five Painful Lessons AEW Should Learn From TNA

Five Painful Lessons AEW Should Learn From TNA

AEW is taking the wrestling game with the storm this season. They are boosting their prowess for the next big show, All Out, and their TV debut. Each fight has developed the hype and the zeal to become a healthy wrestling promotion. However, those who don’t remember past events are likely to repeat the same mistake. AEW should never forget what happened to TNA and relate every time they make a decision. The organization can learn many things from the mistakes made by TNA to improve in certain aspects. Here are lessons AEW should learn from TNA.

Avoid Dead-End Booking

A wrestling fan of time has been evidenced on this first-hand. It is like letting a funeral man apply ostarine to fight the boss’s son and whoever wins decides who the boss is. Surprisingly the boss himself announced all those stipulations. This was the wrong decision for TNA to take. There are many other scenarios where you start to wonder why these TNA writers could book themselves into such an unsalvageable position. Since when did AJ Styles have an affair? Not a chance. In short, AEW seems to be doing great in this aspect thus far.

Use Their Elites Wisely

Regardless of the massive hype, AEW is still inexperienced promotion. It shouts focus on their product and by using their pre-established stars. People like, again, Chris Jericho, Jon, Cody, Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, PAC (if he can get his paperwork done), Shawn Spears, Awesome Kong, etc., are excellent players to keep. This is so without mentioning the occasional appearances of legends like Tommy Dreamer or Bret Hart, DDP.

Mentor new stars and avoid keeping old for long

People understand that Chris Jericho’s presence brings fun to the game, but this does not mean that you should build the entire promotion on this man for up to 10 years. Chris has been in his early sixties, declining his general physical prowess. The same story is likely to happen to the Undertaker as Minoru Suzuki. Besides, suppose AEW is interested in building its image as an alternative to mainstream wrestling. In that case, it should mentor a young star at its helm.

Not to overuse the gimmick matches.

The gimmick matches should be sparingly used. No Reverse Battle Royal, no Feast or Fired, no X on a Pole Matches, and not that Thanksgiving-special match type where the loser expected to celebrate. No sir, no can do. If Tony Khan passionate about presenting his company as sports-orientated, he can do better than letting his men fight for a Viagra on live TV.

Establish Home-Grown Stars

You all know how AJ Styles has been thriving since he left TNA. He has done great things in the Louisiana-based organization. Still, he could have been so much more having TNA’s top tier not been challenged by Kevin Nash, Hulk Hogan, and Jeff Jarrett. TNA is in short of young, upcoming stars to carry the company forward. That is an excellent move for AEW to endorse Adam Page, who seemed to have a top position. other young stars include MJF, the Luchasaurus, Sammy Guevara, Joey Janela, Jimmy Havoc, Cibernetico, Britt Baker, and Kylie Rae. These and many other home-grown stars use Ostarine, and their future seems promising.