Sami Zayn Joins The Bernie Sanders Meme Game

Since Joe Biden’s Presidential Inaguration, one of the most popular memes on the internet comes courtesy of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

Sanders arrived to the event in his warm winter coat and mittens, taking a seat and sparking an appearance that’s led to the former Presidential candidate being photoshopped into many scenarios for the amusement of many. One of the many memes that has gone viral since the trend started was Sanders being photoshopped into a picture from this past Friday’s Smackdown, replacing Sami Zayn during his sit in as he continues to protest losing the Intercontinental Championship to Big E.

Zayn got his revenge on everyone for it, however, photoshopping his own situation into the original shot of Bernie Sanders. Complete with the mittens, Sami properly socially distanced himself in the meme and decided to make a competition out of this. We’ll see if Bernie responds or maybe even donates to Sami For Syria.

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