Results for Camp Leapfrog — Leapfrog Live: 1/17/1985

The campers from your favorite campground hopped into the DeLorean and went retro this past weekend when Camp Leapfrog presented Leapfrog Live: 1/17/1985!

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Your officials for the evening are Kris Levin and Adam Gault. On commentary, “Sensational” Sam Leterna and “The Daddy of the Galaxy” Trajan Horn.

1. The Midnight Wonderboys (Matt Makowski & Travis Huckabee) def. Mane Event (Midas Black & Jay Lyon)

2. $50 Bodyslam Challenge: The Careless Whisper def. “Reckless” Rex Lawless

3. Hollywood Hermit Crab def. Papa Bonez

4. Bangers & Mash (Greywolf & WarWulf Kreed) w/ Mr. Stamper def. Leroy Green & Saber Dorado

5. Coal Miner’s Glove: The Spoiler def. ABBSPer decree of commissioner Kim Chee, A Very Good Professional Wrestler will defend his Camp Leapfrog Championship against ABBS & Abby Jane on February 14th at Camp Lovefrog! Following this, A Very Good Professional Wrestler’s legal representative, Sidney Bakabella, announced that AVGPW had selected an opponent for Abby to have a warm-up match.

6. Devantes def. Abby Jane

7. Texas Deathmatch: Darius Carter w/ Johnny Moran def. Brad RushAfter the main event, ring announcer, Jim Maestronette, hurled a heated tirade at Camp Leapfrog, excoriating them for their antics that night — which resulted in a stunner courtesy of The Crusher.

Following this, Sam Leterna announced that on February 14, Camp Lovefrog’s main event will be Still Life with Apricots & Pears vs. Effy!

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