Ethan Page Shoots On IMPACT Wrestling, Explains What Happened To His Match Against Karate Man At Hard To Kill

Ethan Page is no longer signed to Impact Wrestling. His last “match” with the company was last night during Impact’s Hard To Kill Pay Per View.

The match was very similar to the previous encounters between The Karate Man and Ethan Page. It was more campy and low budget than expected by fans who haven’t followed the Karate Man saga on Ethan Page’s YouTube channel.

Hours after Hard to Kill ended, Ethan Page took to Reddit to explain what had happened with the match and The Karate Man in Impact.

Ethan shared a video on Twitter as well. This video shows Ethan being awaken in some sort of purgatory after dying at the hands of Karate Man at Hard To Kill.

What’s next for Ethan Page is a mystery to most. It does seem his time with Impact has for sure come to a close though.