NXT Referee Allegedly Has Ties To Alt-Right Hate Group

The recent firing of Zelina Vega has had fans pointing out the conduct of other people on their payroll. With Vega being released for being unwilling to give up her third party ventures such as her Twitch stream and her OnlyFans account, fans are pointing out WWE has kept people with alleged poor conduct on their payroll such as the Velveteen Dream.

In a discussion on Reddit, a fan pointed out that NXT referee Drake Wuertz maintains an account on Parler, with one of the accounts Weurtz follows being the Proud Boys. If you try to visit his account, it reveals the account is locked as private.

For those who don’t know, Parler considers itself a “free speech social network,” though it’s most often associated for housing people with extreme alt-right views, especially after those views and their content have violated Twitter to the point their accounts have been suspended and/or banned from the site. Wuertz’s Parler bio is not as problematic as following the alt-right Proud Boys group, a group considered by US intelligence organizations as “a dangerous white supremacist group.”

Trying to be more active here on #parler. Where’s my Central Florida-Orlando/Sanford patriots at? #maga #trumpcountry #godgunstrump #seminolecountyfl #keepseminolered

The Proud Boys organization recently seemed to be in the middle of a takeover by prominent member Kyle Chapman, who stated that the Proud Boys “…recognize that the West was built by the White Race alone and we owe nothing to any other race.” The group is known for making pledges recite a loyalty oath that states “I’m a proud Western chauvinist, I refuse to apologize for creating the modern world.”

Some of the viewpoints many on the Parler platform display also coincide with rumored reports of the WWE Performance Center having an issue with COVID-19 and it being recently considered a “COVID hotspot” by the state of Florida. It’s said there are many “Covid truthers” at the PC.

On what could be a related or unrelated note, NXT’s Bronson Reed recently tweeted this out shortly after the thread on Reddit revealed Weurtz following the Proud Boys on the social media app.

If you follow people or groups who base their ideology on neo-facism, chauvinism and white nationalism. You are a piece of trash. Plain and simple.

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