AEW Dynamite live coverage 10/21/20

Ladies and Gentlemen I am very excited to be back here doing live coverage for this weeks AEW Dynamite show. My name is Joseph Conlin and I will be here for the 2 hour Dynamite Show tonight and coming off of last weeks Anniversary Show AEW is getting a lot of attention and this is a very high stakes show with the AEW World Championship Tournament starting tonight and a Fatal 4 way for a shot at FTR and the AEW Tag Team Championships.

Full Gear is just 3 weeks away and now that we’re done with Chris Jerichos 30 year anniversary and AEW Dynamite Anniversary now we are on the final stretch until Full Gear. I’ll be back in a few minutes for tonight’s AEW Dynamite on TNT!!

WE ARE LIVE!!!! Thank you for tuning in tonight hopefully it’s going to be a great 2 hours of AEW. We are kicking things off with a Round 1 matchup in the AEW World Championship Tournament between Wardlow and Jungle Boy, this should definitely be a good one as both guys have had great matches against each other in the past. Jungle Boy with a good game plan going after the knee of Wardlow to begin. Wardlow catches Jungle Boys hurricanrana and powerbombs Jungle Boy onto the ring post, THAT LOOKED BRUTAL. It’s been all Wardlow ever since that power bomb onto the ring post but Jungle Boy is fighting back. Jungle Boy makes a comeback with a drop kick into a toppade on the outside to Wardlow. On the outside Wardlow throws Jungle Boy into the ring with a F-10 and then a F-10 inside the ring and Wardlow advances in the AEW World Championship Tournament by defeating Jungle Boy!!

Next up we got Sonny Kiss vs Kenny Omega in a First Round matchup in the AEW World Championship Tournament. Sonny btw is replacing Joey Janela since he was in contact with somebody who has COVID. Best wishes go to Joey Janela!! WOW with Kenny Omega’s new attitude with his entrance with the teases of the cleaner, he just defeated Sonny Kiss in about 45 seconds to advance in the AEW World Championship Tournament!!

My goodness folks I am very very excited about this next match in the AEW World Championship Tournament between Penta El Zero M vs Rey Fenix, this about to be a classic. We got Eddie Kingston out on commentary during this match.
The brothers both shake hands and the match begins. Match has been very smooth so far and you can tell these guys have phenomenal chemistry together. Penta just countered with a insane super kick to Rey Fenix. All this match has been is counter for counter and just great wrestling as we head into our first commercial break.

Back from break both guys are in the ring and Penta El Zero hits a sling blade off the second rope for a kick out at 2. Hopefully Rey Fenix is ok after botching a head scissors but he is able to continue the match. Rey Fenix hits a spanish fly to Penta off the top rope and kickout. After a fantastic matchup Rey Fenix def Penta El Zero in a incredible match with a Canadian destroyer for the victory. Rey Fenix Will now face Kenny Omega next week in the second round of the AEW World Championship Tournament.

Now we are at the final first round matchup in the AEW World Championship Tournament with Colt Cabana and Adam Hangman Page. It’s been a awesome tournament so far and now we conclude the first round with this matchup should be a good match.
Very fast paced match up so far with half the match in the ring and a few moments outside the ring as we head into our first commercial of this match. Back from break both Page and Cabana a throwing elbow strikes at each other then Evil Uno makes a distraction to Page for a advantage by Cabana. Cabana almost wins with a roll up but Hangman Page kicks out at 2. Hangman goes for a moonsault, gets shoved by Cabana onto the apron then Cabana hits a frog splash on the outside. At the end of the match Hangman fakes a buck shot then hits it on Colt Cabana for the win and Adam Hangman Page moves into next week to face Wardlow.

ITS DINNER TIME!!! Dinner with Chris Jericho and MJF. Poor Velma has to take so many orders for Jericho and MJF. Jericho buries the ratings ruler and then says it’s not gonna get as over as Orange Cassidy. Both guys are singing lyrics to each other at the dinner. This is absolutely hilarious and great at the same times. This has been one of the best segments of the year and very entertaining and btw MJF is a fantastic singer lol. That was phenomenal!!

Next we have our first women’s action of the night as we have Britt Baker vs Killyn King who has been impressive on AEW Dark. Britt hits numerous moves in a row as she hits a swinging neck breaker, a curb stomp and then the lock jaw to King for the victory.

Now we are finally at the main event of this show and I just want to thank those who have been following along all night long during the show and it’s been another great show tonight by AEW. Our main event tonight is a Fatal 4 Way Tag Team Match with The Butcher and The Blade vs Private Party vs John Silver and Alex Reynolds of Dark Order vs Young Bucks with the winners facing FTR for the AEW Tag Team Championships at Full Gear.

We get a face off between Young Bucks and Private Party going back to there match on last year’s Dynamite on October 9th, 2019. The heels then take out Young Bucks and Private Party. As we go into commercial we see Matt Hardy and Sammy Guevara brawling on the outside as it was confirmed tonight they will face each other at Full Gear in a Elite Deletion Match. Back from break John Silver is a one man recking crew and takes out everybody the match, covers Mara Quen for the Young Bucks to break it up.

That was a great moment for John Silver right there and he got over in that little sequence. In the end Matt Jackson roles up Isaiah Kassidy and now it’s official we are getting Young Bucks vs FTR for the AEW Tag Team Championships at Full Gear as it’s a match 6 years in the making.

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