If Orange Cassidy Doesn’t Win the AEW TNT Championship We Riot

Orange Cassidy and Executive Vice President of All Elite Wrestling, Cody Rhodes, will battle for the AEW TNT Championship on the first anniversary of AEW Dynamite. If Cassidy is able to capitalize on this moment, the slow build of his character over the past year has been a masterclass in storytelling. If Freshly Squeezed doesn’t win the AEW TNT Championship, we riot.

Cody Rhodes and his family have done amazing things for professional wrestling. Lending the Rhodes Family legacy to a newly minted championship made sense for All Elite Wrestling at the time. Cody’s blend of storytelling and in ring work created some of the most captivating matches and feuds. Building the AEW TNT Championship on his back made sense. Does Cody winning back the AEW TNT Championship make the same type of sense? Would him defeating the most popular wrestler in AEW to retain the championship make sense? These are the questions being asked as the one year anniversary of AEW Dynamite draws near.

The Orange Cassidy character has gotten over remarkably well in the last year. What’s not to like – he’s got the jean jacket, the Ryan Gosling good looks, and in a world full of noise – he barely utters a word! AEW Dynamite has played a large part in bringing OC to the masses. Cassidy was anything but a household name when he first appeared for the company back in August of 2019. The King of Sloth Style has garnered quite the following since then. Fans fill arenas with chants of “Freshly Squeezed.” Much like they did in the following video clip – taken from the night of the third episode of AEW Dynamite. You can see that Cody has already lost – CLEAN – to Orange Cassidy.

If Orange Cassidy beats Cody Rhodes for the AEW TNT Championship AEW ends their first year on TV on a high note. They will further embrace one of their “homegrown” stars. If Cody retains his championship, after being away for a while and only just returning, he’d take one step closer to fulfilling all of those Triple H comparisons on social media. We’ll have to tune into AEW Dynamite to find out.

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