WWE Raw Live Coverage & Twitter Reaction 10/5

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We open the show in the backstage area, as the camera slowly shows us The Legend Killer, Randy Orton as he delivers more words of hate for the WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre. Randy explains his actions and takes full responsibility for his heinous assault; coldness and hatred radiating from him, as Randy officially challenges Drew McIntyre to one fine Title Match, inside Hell In A Cell. McIntyre would take little time to respond as he crashes through the door and stares a burning hole through his potential challenger. Randy attempts to swing a chair but McIntyre sends him into the wall and proceeds to deliver a beating onto The Viper.

Zelina Vega, Natalya and Lana v. Mandy Rose, Dana Brooke & Asuka

It appears that our main event won’t be the only 6-piece tag match tonight as we prepare for this contest. The match begins with Dana Brooke and Nattie as Nattie begins to show her technical superiority. The athleticism of Brooke would shake things up and bring in Mandy Rose on the tag. Rose would get things rolling but Vega would slink and sneak her way behind enemy lines; targeting Asuka on the apron. Rose would pull in Vega but the interference would be enough to allow Nattie to drive Mandy to the corner. Rose would battle out and bring in the Raw Women’s Champion for the cleanup. Rose would eventually find an opportunity for the blind tag and Asuka would lure a freshly tagged Lana to her demise as Mandy would connect with the flying knee strike.

The victory would be short-lived though as the Women’s Tag Champions would make their return and dose out a little deja vu.

And we head to the back and meet the 24/7 Champion as preps Lil’ Jimmy for the impending WWE Draft. Truth faces his worst nightmare as a referee stands in front of him… Lil’ Jimmy! Truth got got!

And for one night only… MVP has announced that there is an opening in the Hurt Business! Will The Black and Gold put green in the eyes of a WWE Superstar?

Seth Rollins & Buddy Murphy v. Dominik Mysterio & Humberto Carillo

As we wait for the second team in this match, there are clearly issues between the Messiah and his Disciple as Murphy demands an apology from Rollins not to him but to Aliyah. Seth explodes on his disciple as Dominik and Humberto make their way to the ring. We wouldn’t wait for the bell as both teams crashed head on and things fell apart quickly


We return from break and our match is officially underway with Rollins handling Dominik with ease. Dominik would find himself in the wrong corner but the issues between Messiah and Disciple would spill out once again as Murphy would tag himself into the match and infuriate the Monday night Messiah! Rollins would tag himself back in and shame his disciple back out of the ring. This wouldn’t be the last time though as Murphy would tag himself in for a tandem offense setup but Rollins would blow it and demand his disciple wait for his tags.

It appeared that Rollins’ anger toward Murphy would be the story as Humberto would smother both of them and leave Seth laying at ringside. Luckily for the Messiah, his disciple would shine bright and salvage the victory.

Murphy would then walk off from his master and head to the back stage area. We would then be taken to Adam Pearce, who would be interrupted by The Monster Among Men, Braun Strowman, who would demand a match if Pearce could find an opponent. If only…

And when Rollins finally caught up with Murphy

We return the Kevin Owens show but KO is not happy to be welcoming his guest tonight. The Prizefighter has a score to settle with WWE’s favorite daytime TV host, and calls out Bray Wyatt to ringside. Wyatt would then welcome KO to the Firefly Funhouse as he even debuted a new song for his special visit to Raw.

Owens appeared to be unwavering as he once again, calls out Wyatt and declares that he won’t wait for Friday to exact his revenge. Owens would be let down by Wyatt once more but Owens would charge the backstage area before being jumped by none other than Aleister Black.


And it appears that we have an answer to the challenge laid by Orton earlier tonight.

Braun Strowman v. Keith Lee: Exhibition Match

We’re non-sanctioned for this match as we prepare for two enormous talents to square off. The Limitless One has his toughest challenge to date and this will not be the meek. The giants stare each other down before locking horns like two alpha bulls. Lee would fly the ropes and crash into Strowman, who would brush it off like Lee was a strawweight.

The match would spill out to the ringside area and the referee would have no choice but to count the two behemoths out. This would enrage The Monster Among Men and the brawl would ensue.

It wouldn’t end there though as Lee would defiantly stand tall and stare down Strowman again before both men would crash to the floor as they tear each other apart.

And we return from break as Drew Gulak attempts to run for the hills with his newly acquired 24/7 Championship… He should’ve stayed away from the garbage dock.

Towzawa would be taken out of the equation as Gulak would be forced to battle Truth in the dumpster! 42-time champ is back.

And when we return from break, it’s The Hurt Business v. Apollo Crews & Ricochet.

The Hurt Business v. Apollo Crews & Ricochet

Before the match would begin, Ricochet would defy the generous offer made by MVP and pass on joining the Hurt Business. MVP would then sick his dogs on Ricochet and and Apollo, but request that, “special emphasis” be placed on Ricochet.

Lashley & Benjamin would begin their day at the office but Ricochet would turn up the jets and send Lashley back to the office.

We return from break and it’s Lashley all over the smaller challenger.

A stalling vertical suplex would only result in a two count but Lashley would continue the assault, following up with a Flatliner. Benjamin would tag in and Ricochet would take advantage and make the hot tag to Apollo. Apollo would come in like a freight train and clear house momentarily before Lashley and Benjamin would refocus and secure the victory.

And when we return, it’s T-minus 10 minutes before Murphy is expected to apologize to Seth Rollins.

We return from break and The Monday night Messiah has returned for his apology. Rollins enters the ring and demands the microphone before calling out his troubled disciple. Murphy would make the walk down the aisle and enter the ring. Rollins would cut things short and demand an apology from Murphy who remained silent with clear conflict in his eyes. Rollins caters to Murphy’s emotional turmoil but Murphy’s refusal sends Rollins into a rage that spills out to the announce table. Rollins would try to battle back but meet the apron face first for his troubles. Rollins would attempt to bring a kendo stick to the fight but Murphy would disarm and proceed to batter Rollins.

Rollins would plead for Murphy to stop and in a moment of weakness, Murphy would oblige…and pay for it.

The Riott Squad v. Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler: Women’s Tag Title Match

It will be Jax and Morgan kicking things off in this title match. The Riott Squad would attempt to pull out tandem offense and keep Jax grounded but alas…

As Jax would regain her footing and proceed to destroy the dual attack of Riott and Morgan. Jax would reluctantly tag in Baszler and the experience would change from blunt force trauma to submission precision as The Queen of Spades would go to work on Ruby Riott.

We return from break to Riott finally making the tag to Morgan, who came in like a bat out of hell and fought with everything she had. Morgan would appear to have things firmly in hand, even making a questionable tag to Riott who had taken the brunt of the beating in the early go.

The Riott Squad would fight to the end but the powerhouse champions were of no match tonight as Baszler put her foot down and ended the fairy tale.

MVP v. Mustafa Ali

The bell rings and despite Ali’s confidence, MVP uses his size to overpower and dominate Ali… Ali would finally get a leg up and send MVP back to his partners in crime. The CEO would call a staff meeting and the Hurt Business would enter the ring and back Ali into a corner. And then, well, this took place.

Drew McIntyre & The Street Profits v. Randy Orton, Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode

The match begins with the WWE Champion and Robert Roode. Shenanigans would ensue though Orton would attempt the sneak attack, followed by a bit of tandem offense by Ziggler & Roode that was broken up by McIntyre. Orton would attempt an RKO but be countered and roll out of harm’s way.

We return from break with Ziggler in control of Ford. Ford would take tremendous punishment as he was bounced from Ziggler to Roode to Orton, who sent Ford crashing down on the announce table. Things would soon fall apart and it would be The Scottish Psychopath leading the way.

And of course Montez Ford is always down for a little crazy.

But in the end, it would be the ever opportunist, Randy Orton, finally planting the WWE Champion with an RKO for the 1…2…3.

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