Eric Bischoff On Roman Reigns’ Heel Turn

Former RAW general manager and WCW head booker Eric Bischoff has commented on one of the biggest wrestling stories of the summer, the heel turn of Roman Reigns.

He would make the following comments on his After 83 Weeks podcast:

“What are my thoughts? Glad, number one. I think it was much needed for Roman and for WWE. And to hopefully create some fresh new storylines that feel very unique from what we’ve been watching for the last year or two. Which is always why something like this is appealing, right? Because it’s kind of like, in a way, you’re kind of wiping the slate clean, you know? And all things are possible. So for that, I like it.”

“Part of me feels bad for Roman, because a massive heel turn like that without the advantage of the reaction of a live crowd? You’re leaving a lot of equity on the table. You have no choice, I’m not saying there was an option. But it’s unfortunate it had to happen now instead of maybe last fall, or last spring or last winter when you would have had the magnitude of power, probably three or four times the energy that you got off just watching people on digital. It would have been helpful to the heel turn, it would have provided a much stronger foundation.”

Roman’s turn would have been more impactful in front of a live crowd, but Bischoff is right to say they couldn’t wait, as we just don’t know when we will see a full crowd again. The turn and subsequent paring with Paul Heyman was still incredible, and has transformed ‘The Big Dog’ into a mega star.

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