You Cannot Kill David Arquette Supervising Sound Editor Jacob Bloomfield-Misrach Discusses the Sounds of Broken Bones, Bodyslams and Spandex

You Cannot Kill David Arquette Supervising Sound Editor Jacob Bloomfield-Misrach Discusses the Sounds of Broken Bones, Bodyslams and Spandex

Who’s Ready to Rumble with David Arquette again? The wrestling documentary You Cannot Kill David Arquette opens digitally on August 28th and is also screening at the Fantasia Film Festival August 24th. Wrestling fans may remember Arquette winning the 2000 WCW World Heavyweight Championship, which was highly controversial at the time, and got him branded the most hated man in wrestling. In 2018, he got back in the ring to prove critics wrong and show his true passion for the sport, ultimately hoping to earn his place in professional wrestling. This is what the documentary follows, very candidly. Adding to the wide ride are the uncensored slaps and body slams, made more authentic by the film’s Supervising Sound Editor, Jacob Bloomfield-Misrach.

Many wrestling fans don’t think about the sound aspect to the sport, so we decided to speak with Jacob about this. Below he goes more in depth about this and why wrestling fans will like the film.

You were the Supervising Sound Editor on the documentary You Cannot Kill David Arquette. First off, from your point of view, why should people see this film?

Wrestling fans already know about the WCW insanity of giving David Arquette the world title in 2000, but they don’t know about the brutal training and backyard wrestling that Arquette went through to earn his way back into the ring. We’re talking body slams on thumb tacs, fluorescent bulbs to the face, broken bones, trips to the hospital, and the whole works.

-So you think wrestling fans will like this film?

A thousand times yes. I didn’t know a ton about wrestling before watching this film, but I’m so impressed. Real wrestlers aren’t messing around. That’s a hard job they have to do, and this film shows it really well.

-As the Supervising Sound Editor of this wrestling documentary, can you tell us the weirdest sound you had to record?

One man slapping another man in the face is not a sound we get to record very often. Punches and fight scenes sure, we do that all the time, but a proper, open handed slap…. that was fun.

-We heard that you had to collect the sound of spandx for the film. How exactly did you do that?

That’s right. A big part of what makes a movie compelling is the way it sounds. It has to be authentic and it has to be in your face. And there’s a lot of spandex in wrestling! So to be authentic we went down to the local wrestling gyms and recorded guys training. That included body hits, ring movements, and yes, even the spandex on their bodies.

-Was there a sound in You Cannot Kill David Arquette that audiences wouldn’t think would be difficult to put back in the film, that was?

Yes, the sound of wrestling fans. They don’t sound like anyone else. Baseball fans, basketball fans, even boxing fans can’t touch the rabid enthusiasm of wrestling fans. We had to use 50 tracks of mixed crowds to get even close to the true intensity of a WCW arena. But with a lot of yelling, and screaming things like “rip his head off” we finally got it right in the end.

-I would imagine at some point during this shoot bones were either cracked or broken because we see David getting x-rays. If so, how would you go about recreating those sounds?

Over the years, my team at IMRSV Sound has collected hundreds if not thousands of sounds of broken bones. Some of them are real sounds and others are fake. It’s pretty amazing what you can do with some crispy produce. Crack a carrot and some celery together, really close to a microphone, and it’s pretty believable. Add in the sound of a boot stomping on a box and it sounds like someone really got hurt.

Arquette briefly served as WCW World Heavyweight Champion in 2000 after filming the wrestling movie Ready to Rumble. His ascendance earned the ire of longtime wrestling fans. Arquette began participating in professional wrestling again in 2018 to earn the respect of the sport’s fans. Do you think wrestling fans will have a new respect for him after seeing this film?

Absolutely. The 2000 WCW title was a mistake. He admits that right away in the film, and then he goes on a mission to earn back people’s trust. He takes all the beatings and he trains his ass off. I honestly think David Arquette loves wrestling more than he loves acting. People will feel that when they see this film.

-Do you know if sound is added in a WWE type broadcast too, like you did?

What happens behind the doors of a WWE broadcast is their business. All I know is that wrestling is legit, and that I’m a newly converted fan.

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