WWE Raw: Live Coverage & Twitter Reaction 8/24

It’s been three days of non-stop coverage of WWE and we’re still not done here at Bodyslam.net as we head into the go-home episode of Raw for this weekend’s Payback Event! Tonight’s episode has a lot of questions to answer and we’ll walk through all of it right here and on Twitter @ItzMeItzMeItDBD. Keep that browser tab open and hop back in to the Den of DNezz tonight at 8 EST!

So at the top of the show, we are discovering that Asuka will grant Sasha Banks her Championship rematch and it will be in a Lumberjack Match!

We also are being told that Apollo Crews will entertain the CEO of the Hurt Business when he meets The Almighty Bobby Lashley in an Arm Wrestling Exhibition, officiated by The World’s Strongest Man; it’s Mark Henry in the house tonight!

And it’s the WWE Champion opening the first episode of Raw inside the Thunderdome! McIntyre stands tall in the ring as he ushers in the WWE Universe who are experiencing tonight’s episode in the dome. As McIntyre rubs some salt into the wound on Orton’s ego, McIntyre gets right down to business and let’s Orton know that if he’s still feeling frisky, The Scottish Psychopath would gladly oblige him at Payback.

But it would unfortunately be The Legend Killer with the last laugh…


She called her Haystacks Callhoon!!

Bayley v. Shayna Baszler

We return from break and the bell rings and we are underway! Baszler quickly imposes her will as Bayley hides in the turnbuckle and the ref calls for the break. Baszler is right back on top as she targets the right shoulder of Bayley early and Bayley rolls out to her BFF and takes a moment to collect herself. The pace quickens but is sent crashing to a halt by the physicality of Baszler. Banks would stick her nose where it doesn’t belong and it would be just enough annoyance to give Bayley a much-needed advantage. Not that an advantage would be needed as “She who will not be named” decided to stick her nose in the match as well.

The Golden Role Model’s would look on and cheer as Baszler and “she” would start to brawl after the final bell. Until the two women finally discovered the game they were a part of and would no longer play by The Golden Role Model’s rules.

We are back from break and it is KO Show time! And as we welcome the show to the Thunderdome it will be Aleister Black joining the Prizefighter at the helm! They would quickly discuss the actions of Seth Rollins until something would irritate our special guest. And as KO would check on poor Black, it would be KO who would experience A Black Mass.

Fatal 4 Way 24/7 Title Match: Shelton Benjamin v. Akira Towzawa v. Cedric Alexander v. R-Truth

The action would be fast and furious as these four men have been actively trying to dismantle each other over the 24/7 Championship. The match would end as quickly as it began when Towzawa would utilize his ringside ninjas by allowing them to hold Benjamin back while Towzawa would quickly roll up Truth for the 1, 2, 3, and a new 24/7 Champ!

And as return from break, we are graced by The Viper.

Orton is livid as he addresses the WWE Universe over the actions of his Summerslam opponent from earlier tonight. But at the Apex of his frustration, Randy was interrupted by quite the surprise.

And as The Limitless one stood tall in The Viper’s ring, he issued a challenge which Orton so generously, refused. Until later tonight that is

Garza v. Montez Ford

We open the match fast and furious as Ford goes for the high flying early but eats a dropkick for his troubles. As the match continues though, we are interrupted by Ivar as he makes his way to ringside in pursuit of his newest crush. Garza’s focus is taken away momentarily and it’s just enough for Ford to score the Frog Splash and the victory.

And as we return from break, it is official!!

Iconics & Zelina Vega v. Riott Squad & Bianca Belair

It was all Belair tonight as she put on a clinic against the Iconics and Zelina Vega. Vega would use every trick she could think of but the power and athleticism of Belair would not be denied as she powered her way through Vega and established herself as a top contender on Raw.

And more head games from MVP as he continues to pry at the ego of Cedric
Alexander, portraying him as weaker when aligned with Apollo and Ricochet.

And it is time for the Arm Wrestling challenge with Mark Henry as our special official of the evening! As we head into Payback it will be Apollo Crews defending his US Title once more against The Almighty Bobby Lashley and what better way to build beef than a friendly arm wrestling contest.

Even when friendly isn’t the key adjective…

But when we return from break, we’re shifting gears toward the future, it’s Father & Son sharing the ring for this first time! Rey & Dominik meet Rollins & Murphy, later tonight!

As we return from break Natalya and Lana have taken the center of the ring to “pay tribute” to Mickie James. But James wouldn’t have it this week as she join the duo and quickly knocked them down a peg.

And as the clock strikes 10 we are reminded that it is nearly bewitching hour! Raw Underground returns and it returns with a few feral dogs, looking for a fight!

Well, Raw Underground came and went as Lashley just basically laid waste to anyone who challenged him, including Dolph Ziggler.

Randy Orton v. Keith Lee

In a battle of two legitimate bad-asses in the WWE, we get a taste of The Limitless One as he puts Orton to the test on Raw. Using his unique blend of size, speed, and agility, Lee displayed why he is the next big star of the main roster as he decimated The Legend Killer, early on in the match.

Lee would momentarily lose focus and be caught by Orton who would capitalize with the draped DDT and begin to take over the match. Until The Scottish Psychopath found his way to the ring.

But then as we catch up to The WWE Champ in the back, we are reminded of how disgusting Orton can be as he drove his foot through the skull of McIntyre for a third time tonight!

Sasha Banks v. Asuka: Raw Women’s Title Lumberjack Match

In what should be the final installment of this particular feud, we have Sasha Banks hoping to regain the Raw Women’s Championship from Asuka but a ring of Raw superstars awaits any who may spill out of the ring during this match and we found that out early on.

We return from break and it is anyone’s match as the women roll back into the ring. Banks charges in on an exhausted Asuka but pays for it as she’s caught by not only a kick but Asuka’s newly found second rope shoulder DDT. Both women working to their breaking points, Sasha hit her Frog Splash and attempted the cover, but The Empress of Tomorrow would somehow muster the energy and kickout before the 3 count! Bayley finally made her presence known as she attempted to sneak a chair into the ring but it would be The Queen of Spades of finally put a stop to the shenanigans of the WWE’s resident Karen Duo! Banks would find herself in the Asuka Lock and it was all over, as Sasha would again lose her title opportunity with her best friend involved in some way, shape or form.

The Mysterio Men v. The Cult of Rollins

The bell, yet to ring and we are already being treated to action on the outside! Rollins & Murphy would appear to have Dominik stuck in a 2-on-1 situation for a time but the kid holds his own against Murphy and sends him spilling out of the ring. Domimik was feeling the flow and went for some high flying offense but noticed Rollins lurking outside of the ring and dispatched him with a pair of boots to the gut. The brawl outside would only last a moment more as Dominik would finally put an end to it and get a little retribution for the Mysterio Men.

But then The Mysterio’s literally got retribution… Seriously, Retribution finally decided to show again.

And we would end tonight’s episode with hooded menace standing tall on the apron looking down at the carnage they caused.

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