WWE Smackdown: 8/21 Live Coverage & Twitter Reaction

We are 72 hours from The Summer’s Hottest Event and we are gearing up for the go-home episode of Smackdown on Fox! We found out that the evening will begin with a special appearance by Mr. McMahon; undoubtedly to kickoff the new Thunderdome Experience that is being tested through this weekend’s events. We’re about 30 minutes away so keep that browser set on Bodyslam.net, hop into the DNezz Den and catch all the action!

We got pyro folks!!!

Not to mention The Chairman of WWE, it’s Mr. McMahon set to introduce us to the Thunderdome.

But the moment was made even more momentous as The Boss found himself face to face with The Fiend.

But the moment would be paused by the entrance of the Universal Champion to the Ring! As Strowman and The Fiend locked eyes, it was Retribution spoiling any Pre-Summerslam fireworks.

And we head to break with chaos beginning the evening!

Big E v. Sheamus

It’s early bruiser work as The Celtic Warrior squares off against Big E. Two of the biggest bulls are battling tonight in what I expect to be a very good match up. The gents lock horns and away we go as both men throw every bit offense they can muster.

But after the break, it was Sheamus in the driver seat.

But the quick-thinking Big E took an opportune moment and capitalized on it, rolling up Sheamus for the pin! And of course, nobody celebrates as win like Big E

But suddenly we are taken to the backstage medical area where Jeff Hardy is being treated by the staff.

Lucha House Party v. Naka/Saro: WWE Smackdown Tag Title Match

We’ve got a tag title match heading into Summerslam weekend as LHP get an early opportunity. It is all Naka/Saro though as they open the match the more well-oiled machine.

But the scrappy Lucha’s clawed their way back back into the fight. The fast paced, high-flying action was nearly too much for the tag champs but it would be Cesaro who stood tall tonight.

And after some video discovery, we learn that it was AJ Styles who attacked Jeff Hardy before their match.

It appears we will be graced by The Golden Role Models when we return from the break!

We return from the break with Mandy Rose at the mic as she asks her once best friend Sonya Deville to “put all of this behind them” and get return to where they once were. And while we wait for Deville’s response, we are treated to The Golden Role Model’s

And as Corey Graves stirs the pot, we learn that maybe our Women’s Champions aren’t as together as they want us to believe. But that chink in the armor would quickly vanish as the WWE’s resident Karen’s are interrupted by none other than Naomi, with an odd suggestion to solve a Summerslam problem. It’s a beat the Clock Challenge!

Naomi v. Sasha Banks

It was 2BeltzBanks opening up this Beat the Clock Challenge to determine who would face Asuka first at Summerslam. We cross the two-minute mark with Banks controlling the offense and slowing the pace until Naomi found an opening and leveled the playing field momentarily. It would be for naught as Naomi found her self caught in the Banks Statement and quickly tapping out at 3:39.

Hey… wouldn’t it be funny if Naomi totally screwed over Bayley by beating her tonight? Because that is exactly what happened and it was as great as it sounded! In Bayley’s desperation to avoid an Asuka at 100% at Summerslam, she never saw Naomi’s knockout shot as Bayley would fall to Naomi and punch her ticket to Summerslam in the first Women’s Title match of the evening.

But of course, Asuka felt it necessary to give her opinion on the matter as well.

And next it would Sonya Deville making her way out to arena to address Mandy Rose’s plea. It was not a friendly reconciliation

AJ Styles v. Jeff Hardy: Intercontinental Title Match

The time is now as AJ Styles makes his way to the ring to defend his Intercontinental Title.

A clearly less than 100% Jeff Hardy gingerly walks down the ramp as we get ready for what should have been an incredible match, now soured by the actions of the champ. It would take little time for The Phenomenal One to set his sights on the injured knee of Hardy and the end seemed near. An uncharacteristic slip by Styles would give Hardy the time needed to collect himself but Styles would quickly regain control as we head into the break. We return to the match with Styles smothering Hardy as he leans on a knee lock. Hardy would claw his way back to a near fall but a missed Twist of Fate left Hardy exposed for Styles to plant a Pelee Kick. Hardy attempted to climb the ropes but his knee would buckle before he could set himself. Styles would lock in the Calf Crusher but Hardy’s grit and determination would not allow him to give up. Styles would attempt the Styles Clash but Hardy would strike Styles head with the knee brace. Hardy would hit his Swanton for the victory and the Intercontinental Title.

As AJ Styles ripped a new one into his Abyss-mal staff member we tune in to the newest installment of The Firefly Funhouse. Where we are taken to the theatre.

But the laughs would soon settle as Strowman would crash the party and attack his former mentor. Strowman would then drag the now lifeless body of Wyatt out of the Firefly Funhouse and into the back of the arena where he would continue his assault of on Wyatt. Wyatt’s feeble attempts at retaliation would not stop Strowman from his mission of destroying The Fiend, as The Universal Champion would toss Wyatt from a loading bay, spilling lifelessly onto the concrete warehouse floor.

And as executives and officials did their best to load Wyatt into an ambulance and send him off for medical treatment, there was just something off about that ambulance…

And that is how we close out tonight’s go-home episode of WWE Smackdown! Questions were answered, matches were cemented for Sunday and WWE’s maiden voyage inside the Thunderdome was an overall success.

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