There’s no question that since coming over from Dragon Gate and making his appearance as the 6th member of Los Ingobernables de Japon, it can be argued, Shingo Takagi’s stock has been on a steady rise. At least, in this person’s humble opinion. Though, recently, there’s been a particular fire burning inside LIJ’s most recent member. 

The tension building up inn Takagi and his desire to defend his NEVER Openweight title has been an obsession. Especially, with Summer Struggle and KOPW2020 coming up at Jingu Stadium at the end of the month. The boiling point came to a head this past Wednesday night after a tag match with him and Naito taking on Suzuki-gun members Minoru Suzuki and DOUKI at Korakuen Hall. 

In the post-match press conference, it was all laid out on how Takagi is feeling. He made it clear that this topic has kept him up at night. Also, it should be added officials with New Japan Pro Wrestling has not officially set up a title defense for their NEVER Openweight Champion nor have they declared a stipulation. But, what Takagi has himself focused on is just one person. One person that has been in his head for a time now so much so that Takagi has taken to humming this person’s entrance theme music. That theme music is that of the King of Wrestling, Suzuki. 

It remains to be seen what New Japan officials will do with this match. Many have speculated but nothing seems to be moving in an obvious direction that a prediction can be made. Regardless of the decisions the thought of a Takagi vs. Suzuki match for the NEVER title will be a hard-hitting and teeth rattling affair to say the least. Then again would we expect anything less from the King of Sports, New Japan Pro Wrestling? 

NOTE: As I was concluding this article it was officially announced that Champion Takagi will face the King of Wrestling Minoru Suzuki at Jingu Stadium August 29th. I will include the confrontation at the bottom. 

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Writers note: Just to get out in front of this. I thoroughly enjoy my opportunity afforded me by to write about NJPW. I’ve been a wrestling fan almost since birth. My father, to earn a little extra money, would be a ring announcer for independent and “wildcat” promotions that would come through our part of Northwest Florida in the mid to late 1970’s. My first wrestling match was at age 3. Anyway, I mention all of this to say that my coverage is going to try as much as possible to stick to kayfabe. If there’s anything unique coming out of NJPW I will write about it as soon as possible. Otherwise, just as it is covered in Japan as sport, I will do my best to do the same here for Bodyslam.