The Role Model or The Roll Model?

Whether you’re a fan of WWE or AEW you simply cannot deny that the similarities between the characters of Bayley & Britt Baker are scarily similar.

A lot of people will jump up & down when I say that but if you take a second to go back re-read the opening sentence you will notice that the key word was CHARACTERS. As characters they are both cocky, arrogant heels at the top of their respective games but in ring they are worlds apart. Bayley is obviously the superior in ring talent that is to be expected, after all she has been doing this a fair chunk longer not to mention the fact she had the benefit of training at the world famous WWE Performance Centre, by the way that’s not me throwing shade it’s just how her career panned out.

Before Britt hit AEW TV she appeared on Raw in a squash match against Nix Jax on Raw as well as an episode of NXT in a squash against former NXT Womens Champion & at the time number 1 contender to the same title, Shayna Baszler. Her break out performance was the four corner survival match at All In against Chelsea Green, Madison Rayne & eventual winner Tessa Blanchard.
Britt is definitely getting better inside the ring as her match with Hikaru Shida on Dynamite, April 8th showed but she is starting from a long way back in that area however where I believe Britt surpasses Bayley is in her promo work especially since turning heel.

She wasn’t always super smooth on the stick after her heel turn on the Jericho Cruise when she roasted Tony Schiavone however since then she has become more & more confident each week in her “role” (see what I did there) & without fail she cuts a fire promo on the stick every week now.

She has had 2 chances to capture the AEW Womens Title & been unsuccessful on both occasions however it won’t be too much longer before we start calling Britt Baker the AEW Womens Champion.

Before Bayley dominated Smackdown as a dual champion she slaved away at the PC honing her craft at the purpose built facility while building her way up to becoming NXT Womens Champion in Brooklyn in perhaps the greatest NXT womens match in history.

As of this writing Bayley along with her partner Sasha Banks are the current Womens Tag Team Champions while simultaneously holding the Smackdown Womens Championship which she has had since October 11th 2019.

Another feature of Bayleys Work each week on Smackdown is her ongoing back & forth with lead commentator Michael Cole not to mention there continual jocularity while guest commentating frequently during matches.

The “Golden Role Models” have clearly been the stand outs for WWE during this era without fans, growing in confidence as performers & characters.

On the flip side Britt Baker is currently injured & cannot compete in ring but that hasn’t stopped her from continuing a feud with Big Swole. Week after week she sits in her wheelchair on the back of a truck with Reba by her side feeding post it notes on a zip line up to Tony Schiavone for them to be read on air so she can get her message across. Those 2 are on a collision course for All Out on September 5th.

AEW has put alot of eggs in the Baker basket that was obvious when she was the first women signed to AEW but that was quickly met with disdain from the IWC due to her “greenness” & lack of wrestling in front of a live audience, but as time goes by as I said earlier she is clearly getting better.

Whether you’re a fan of “The Role Model” Bayley or “The Roll Model” Britt Baker we can all agree from a character stand point the traits are all there from a face turning heel, ongoing back & forth with unwilling commentator or consistent promos on the stick these ladies are the future of the respective companies & from what we’ve seen especially with Bayleys current in ring work the future may be closer than we think, if it isn’t already here.

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