HSP Exclusive: Francine Interview

Francine was a guest on High Spot Podcast and talked about her time with ECW, as well as her thoughts on Paul Heyman and the current state of women’s wrestling. Find out what “The Queen of Extreme” had to say.

HSPWhat’s it like reflecting on your time in ECW?

Francine“I’m blessed to say I’m an ECW original, so many people from different promotions would always come over and visit and say I wish I worked for ECW so we knew we had something special from the get go. Paul took all of us who weren’t stars and made us stars, it was a great place to work for. I still get to see my buddies from time to time at shows which is a blessing. We all keep in touch we were a family then, we’re still a family now.”

HSPWhat was it like working with Paul Heyman?

Francine“Paul was the best boss I’ve ever had, ever! Very approachable, he would listen to us it wasn’t just a one-sided deal he would take our ideas he would incorporate them with what he thought he was just a pleasure to work with I’m so happy he is where he is today I wouldn’t be here without him so I will never say a bad word about the guy. He’s a mad genius.”

HSPWhat are her thoughts on the current state of Women’s Wrestling

Francine“We were very lucky in ECW, we were always showcased, we always shined, the guys always knew how to use the girls. Paul always put the focus on the girls. WWE, WWF they never really gave the girls that much time if they had matches you would see one and a half, two- minute matches, bra and panty matches. you know what I mean? Girls are now headlining WrestleMania, having thirty forty- minute iron man matches, it’s such a pleasure to watch these  girls are so talented these days makes me want to be a fan again because I tend not to watch wrestling that much but if walk by the tv and I see a Becky Lynch or a Charlotte Flair I’m going to stop and I’m going to watch and see what they’re doing. I’m so proud of them I hope it continues you know? It’s the Women’s Revolution and it’s great we started it back then and they’re continuing so I think it’s a wonderful thing.”

Below is our full interview with ECW Original, Francine.

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