Brock Lesnar is Number 1 in the Royal Rumble? Bleh!

 One of the big points they announced on Monday Night Raw was that Brock Lesnar, the WWE Champion would be entering the Royal Rumble and would do so from the number one position.

The Champ.

I rolled my eyes and groaned.

The WWE hasn’t put on the best showings of the Royal Rumble matches in a long time. It has been years since I enjoyed the match as I did in the events early days. The Royal Rumble matches from 1988 to about 1992 are my favorites.

But back to this year, one of the things I find can put a big damper on things is announcing the number beforehand, Either number 1 or number 30 or whatever else. I think that takes something out of the match. A big part of the Royal Rumble is the randomness of who got the next number and who is going to be part of the action in the ring. Having Lesnar start as the first number will probably just have him come out and dominated the first 5 guys before someone stays in the rings long enough for the next guy comes out. Brock will probably toss the two guys around for a while and the crowd will probably die watching this. Meanwhile, the announcers will chirp about how awesome and tough Brock Lesnar is until the last two guys are in the ring. Will it be Roman Reigns? Brawn Strowman? Does it really matter?

The predictable thing would be to have Lesnar last until the end and get eliminated by the last guy he faces, but what about something different? What about have the second guy in the match eliminate him then and open things back up to as to have who would actually win and get the title shot, probably against Lesnar, but still it would be interesting and something different and not completely predictable.

One of the other things about the Royal Rumble is that it would be 10 Guys from RAW, 10 guys from Smackdown, and 10 guys from NXT. It would probably be a big surprise to have one of the NXT guys win the whole thing. Is Keith Lee doing anything? He would make a decent winner to the match, no matter who he picked as his opponent for Wrestlemania.

And for the love of God WWE don’t make it Goldberg. We’ve been down that road before. Let that idea go!