5 More Wrestling Twitter Accounts You Need to Follow

Social media but especially Twitter has become an important and vital part of the wrestling business. Thanks to social media the world of pro wrestling is more accessible than ever.

Twitter in particular can be a fun place to enjoy the wonders of wrestling and this 5 accounts make wrestling a lot more enjoyable while using your Twitter account.

MJF’s Scarf

On Twitter you can find a lot of dedicated accounts to inanimate objects related to wrestling, from Marty Scrull’s umbrella to Wardlow’s tie, but no other account can compare to MJF’s Scarf.

This hilarious account is as heelish as MJF himself. MJF’s scarf will roast people in the same manner as MJF would. Truly a funny account to follow.

Mr. Lariato

This account is dedicated on showing gifs from all eras of wrestling and promotion you can imagine. Mr Lariato’s wrestling gifs will inspire you to check out wrestling outside of the big current wrestling promotions and explore the wonderful world of Indy wrestling or check matches from the past.

Wrestling Referees are Wizards

This account is dedicated on exposing the truth about wrestling referees, and that truth is that they are in reality wizards. Thanks to this account you will discover that referees are in fact powerful spellcasters that we just ignored or maybe they used a spell on us so we could ignore the truth.

Chico El Luchador

Chico El Luchador is the greatest wrestler to ever lived. He’s done it all in this business, from winning every championship you could imagine to having the first and only 100 star match.

All of your favorite current wrestler were inspired by Chico to become wrestlers. Chico is truly the GOAT of wrestling.


Wrestling fanart is truly amazing to see. Mibo’s art is just incredible by how creative the art in this account can be. Describing this art with words would not make justice on how good it is.