Omega Vs Moxley: The most divisive match of this generation

On November 9th in the Royal Farms Arena (Baltimore-Maryland), Full Gear was celebrated. The PPV by most fans and critics was considered good, but one match in particular cause a divide in the wrestling community. The match in question, Omega Vs Moxley.

Some people are labeling Omega Vs Moxley as an “extreme spot fest” or “just a glorified deathmatch”. While other people say this feud lacked a proper build, but in reality these negative comments are wrong.

The feud started at the end of the first AEW PPV Double or Nothing. Moxley appeared out of nowhere and attacked Kenny Omega in what would become an iconic moment for AEW.

Omega would returned the favor to Moxley by attacking him after a unsanctioned match against Janela at Fyter Fest. After this is attacks we saw both men cutting promos about each other on the Road to series.

Unfortunately Omega Vs Moxley was cancelled due to the Moxley being injured and postponing this dream match until Full Gear.

The match itself was a masterpiece and both men were able to add storytelling to this type of match, something that is quite difficult to do considering the type of match Omega and Moxley were having. Some of this storytelling points were:

  • Omega using the glass of the table Moxley broke in the first episode of Dynamite.
  • Omega using part of the stage as revenge for the time Moxley attacked him on the giant chips on DoN. 
  • The use of the broom and bat. 
  • Omega using the the phoenix splash as a nod to Ibushi. 
  • Moxely being able to outsmart Omega because of his experience in this type of match.
  • Moxley doing everything in his power to win, like move through shattered glass during a scorpion death lock.
  • Omega going in the extreme part of himself to match the craziness of Moxely. 
  • The fact they attacked each other since the second the bell rang.
  • Moxley taking Omega’s comment of chain wrestling literal.

Omega and Moxley created a match of the year candidate with this spectacular match and Moxley kept his word that we would see violence we haven’t seen in years.

Omega and Moxley delivered what they promised, their match had storytelling and had new spots people hadn’t seen until that point. This match is a MOTY contender with no doubts.

Kenny Omega in this unsanctioned match proved how versatile he is in the ring and why many people call him the best wrestler in the world. Jon Moxley looked in his natural habitat and was having so much fun in this crazy match.