80’s Wrestling Con 2 Recap: Tommy Fierro Returns To Wrestling World With Back- To- Back Blockbuster Conventions

High Spot Podcast gave a recap of 80’s Wrestling Con 2 on Saturday night and today we’re releasing our “exclusive” sit down with promoter Tommy Fierro following the event. First off, let me say how cool and down to earth Fierro is. I know he was really busy at the end of the show and I asked if he had a few minutes to recap the event with me. He literally stopped what he was doing and we went and sat down and spoke for ten minutes. I also saw tons of fans throughout the day stopping Tommy to thank him for putting together the event. As busy as he was, Fierro stopped every time and you can tell he sincerely appreciated the support from the fans and shook everyone’s hands and thanked them for coming. This was my first event I was ever at that Tommy promoted and any the hype generated from the first 80’s Wrestling Con back in April, he totally lived up to and then some, this past Saturday.

Here are some of the highlights of my chat with Tommy:

Jeff Martin: 80’s Wrestling Con 2 is ending in a few minutes and what an unbelievable turnout and event it was. What’s going through your head right now?

Tommy Fierro: I’m happy that it’s over! (laughing)

Jeff Martin: I can’t imagine all of the hard work that goes into putting together an event like this. It seems like it went off to perfection and everything ran so smoothly. What was the highlight of today’s Con for you?

Tommy Fierro: That little boy that was dressed as Ted DiBiase that won the 80’s Wrestling Halloween Costume Contest. His father came up to me afterwards and thanked me and said I gave his family and son a lifetime memory. I got choked up when he told me that. This is what it’s all about. This is what makes it worth me busting my ass for months setting an event like this up. That moment right there for me makes every second I worked on this event worth it.

Jeff Martin: After experiencing this event in person and knowing your past history of doing stuff in the wrestling business, it’s mind-boggling to me that you aren’t working for WWE. Is that something you would be interested in if the opportunity presented itself?

Tommy Fierro: I am the marketing director for a big name restaurant, so it’s not something I’m currently exploring. However, any man or woman that is offered an opportunity to provide a better livelihood for their family and wouldn’t at least listen or be open to the idea would be silly. It’s funny you say that, because speaking with a few fans today they asked me the same thing. I guess in this crazy business you never say never. We will leave it like that. (smiling)

Jeff Martin: Speaking with several regular NJ/NY area convention-goers today, the feedback I got was how well-ran this event was and how it’s different than all the other ones. I’ll be honest, I didn’t know what to expect because the last few conventions that others promoted over the last few months had lower turn-outs. You broke the streak though today Tommy. Any thoughts on having a larger attendance than your competition?

Tommy Fierro: I’m happy you brought this up and asked me this question. Do you know who my competition is? My last show. That’s my competition. I have nothing against Legends of The Ring, Rob Feinstein, or Big Event out of NY. I’d like to see everyone be successful. They just all happen to be in the same area I’m in. You have to remember, I was running conventions since 1994. There was one point where I was the only person in the entire wrestling business running them in the early 2000’s. I didn’t come back to compete with anyone. I came back because I saw an opportunity through my social media following for 80’ Wrestling and jumped on it. Their conventions, whether they do good or bad or how close they are date-wise doesn’t dictate the outcome of mine.  I never once gave any of those conventions a second thought. I’m confident in my ability to promote conventions and stand out and be different then the rest. I wish all of those groups nothing but the very best. Honestly.

Jeff Martin: That’s awesome man and classy. I wasn’t expecting to hear that answer. What’s next? 80’s Wrestling Con 3?

Tommy Fierro: For sure. There has to be after this awesome turnout today. I will be working on some other wrestling-related projects in the upcoming months as well.

Jeff Martin: Thanks Tommy and thank you for letting us be a part of 80’s Wrestling Con!

Tommy Fierro: No Jeff, Thank You. I appreciate all your coverage for the event and you boys are welcome back anytime.

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