NJPW of America and 3 factors to consider

As first announce on the first hours of the morning by NJPW in a press conference. NJPW informed the world of the creation of NJPW of America, a subsidiary that is the next big step on the promotion’s US expansion.

The announcement came with a lot of positive comments from most fans, but this announcement also opened a lot of questions that need to be answered.


In the press conference NJPW held, they mentioned the intention of signing talent from the independent scene and to train future young lions in the LA dojo.

The NJPW roster is big and sometimes there are a lot talented wrestlers that don’t appear on shows regularly, but NJPWA will need to hire more wrestlers to their roster to make this project work, whoever with promotions like AEW,IMPACT, ROH and especially WWE hiring talent often, it will be interesting to see how they interact with this situation.

The NJPW roster will likely have to work more dates now, but maybe a partnership another promotion could help them in this situation so fans can see fresh match ups in these future US shows.


The announcement of NJPWA , this made it clear that NJPW goal was to one day have shows in the US without a partner helping them out like we saw all this years with ROH. NJPWA will likely need a partnership and the situation in this department does not look favorable because of different factors to consider.

ROH right now is in a period of chaos and poor management that has labelled the promotion by some fans as “The new TNA”. NJPW has been slowly stopped associating themselves with ROH for quite some time now.

Most fans would like for AEW and NJPW to work together, but the announcement of NJPWA puts cold water on this idea and the fact that the relationship between both promotions looks to be in a bad situation as of this moment.

Another promotion that could enter on this subject would be IMPACT, since the promotions share a TV station, it could be likely for them to work again with each other, but NJPW is still angry at IMPACT by the poor booking IMPACT had with a young Okada during his excursion.

More than likely it appears NJPW wants to work alone, but who knows ,maybe one day things could change.

The NJPW stars

During the press conference NJPW executives mentioned that NJPWA would not cause a change on their Japan tours and so this opens they question, how often will US fans see the NJPW stars?

NJPW’s wrestling style is very tough on the body of their wrestlers, so this could mean less time for wrestlers to recover after a long tour through Japan, so they could appear on their future US shows. With the idea NJPW will not have a partnership, this could make wrestlers from their roster get injured more often than ever before.

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