The mishandling of The Fiend

Bray Wyatt’s new persona The Fiend was a refreshing character for WWE’s programming. The character had a rocky start, with a lot of fans not liking his debut , but as the show Firefly Fun house kept going the show got the praise it deserved.

A few weeks ago most WWE fans would tell you it would be impossible to ruin this new character Bray Wyatt is portraying, but after Hell In A Cell things have not been great in the creative department for Wyatt and his gimmick.

Too soon to wrestle for the Universal Championship

A lot of people were saying before Hell In A Cell the fact that it was too soon for Wyatt to be fighting for the biggest prize the RAW brand can offer. WWE by booking the Rollins-Fiend feud put itself into a creative corner with both wrestlers at the time not being able to take a loss for different reasons.

The day of Hell In A Cell happened and the match between Seth Rollins and The Fiend ended in a ref stoppage and this made fans in the arena start chanting “Restart match” and “AEDUB” .

The booking of Hell In A Cell did no favors to either man, with Rollins getting disliked more by fans because of tweets defending the decision, making The Fiend look bad, but most importantly this match buried the concept of a Hell In A Cell.

Rollins burning the Firefly Fun House Set

In the latest episode of Monday Night RAW, we saw Seth Rollins attack Bray Wyatt and burning the set of Firefly Fun House and as a lot of people could hear before the show ended this was received with boos from the crowd.

A lot of fans mentioned how Bray Wyatt looked like the more sympathetic character in this segment, despite the fact he’s clearly the heel of the feud and Rollins is the babyface.

WWE ignored the fact that Bray Wyatt is adored by fans and with Rollins burning the set, it only made their top babyface look bad and gain more heat with the fans, if WWE decides this is how the Firefly Fun House will end, then this will be a disappointing ending to such interesting show.

Too early to tell

The good news for The Fiend’s fans is the fact is too early to tell if WWE will mishandle this great character big time, but the rematch at Crown Jewel is yet another corner WWE creative put itself in and this time things could be even worse than what we saw in Hell In A Cell.

WWE track record is not great and the fact Bray Wyatt was drafted to SmackDown means more than likely that Wyatt will not win the Universal Championship and opens the door for another terrible ending like we saw in Hell In A Cell.