Taya Valkyrie States that Every Member of Impact Women’s Roster has Their Own Individual Story

Taya Valykrie recently spoke to Fightful and was asked about Impact Wrestling and she continued to praise the women of Impact Wrestling and discussed how each woman has their own story right now.

Taya had the following to say about the history of the Knockout’s Division:

“It’s an honor, honestly, because the Knockouts since the beginning of TNA have always been given that opportunity to shine and that platform, and been given matches that are more than two minutes long and been shown respect. I’m so honored to represent years of hard work you know from Awesome Kong, to ODB, to The Beautiful People, to everybody that came before me, you know, that made this possible for us to be where we are right now and it’s really an honor to represent all those women and the women that we have right now.”

Taya Valykrie commented on the diversity the women’s characters have had on Impact:

“On IMPACT, you’ll notice everything a woman has a story. Everyone is being used and in a fun creative way from Tessa doing the intergender [wrestling], from me being Knockouts Champion, to the undead realm, to Su [Yung] and Havok. You know, there’s just so many crazy stories and we’re being presented properly and I love that. You know, the ‘locker room leader’ Madison Rayne, to the ‘blue flame’ (Kiera Hogan), you know we’re all different and we all are getting a chance to shine and I’m very proud to be representing the Knockouts.”

When asked about the appeal of Impact Wrestling, Taya had the following to say:

“I mean we’ve always been there. We’ve always been the Little Engine That Could. We are literally like, I compare us to, you know, the misfit toys that were rejected. We all have a story, we all have layers, were all like these different [people] from people backstage, to all the performers in the ring. We all just want to do our best work. And I think it’s very evident and organic and unique and the passion that we have for impact is so evident when you turn that TV on and see us, and that’s where we fit in.”

H/T to Fightful for the transcription

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