The terrible state of the WWE women’s tag team division

For years both fans and the female wrestlers of WWE clamored for the reintroduction of the WWE women’s tag team championship, and on December 24 of 2018 WWE announced the introduction of this belts.

Almost a year has passed since the introduction of this belts, and WWE has booked this division very poorly, this also confirms reports of Vince McMahon not wanting a women’s tag team division.

The women’s tag team division started to go downhill ever since the IIconics won the titles at WrestleMania 35, but is not completely their fault. The IIconics were barely book to wrestle on shows and the few matches they had were squashes. Their characters were entertaining with funny promos but in the ring their matches did not delivered at all.

WWE clearly didn’t have long term plans for this championships and the booking has proven this, like the booking of the Kabuki Warriors (Asuka and Sane) were it looked like they were going to take the belts but suddenly plans changed at the last minute and this didn’t happen.

The women’s tag team division feels like an afterthought and even titles like the 24\7 championship have been featured more in TV and social media on comparison to the women’s tag team championships.

WWE still has time to turn things around with this division and bring back the spotlight it once had. A long reign with consistent good matches from the Kabuki Warriors would be the perfect way to help this championships but nothing indicates as of this moment that WWE will go on this direction.

Another solution would be to send this championships to NXT for awhile and this could an interesting idea to explore but similar to the other solution, it doesn’t appear WWE might go in that direction with the belts.