Update: Cornette On G-Raver – G-Raver On Cornette – Cornette’s Lawyer Also Chimes In

Over the past week NWA color commentator Jim Cornette and deathmatch wrestler G-Raver have been at odds. It all started when G-Raver severely injured himself at a GCW show. The clip of the injury was sent to Cornette by one of his fans and Cornette commented saying that he wished G-Raver would have bled out. Cornette also called G-Raver a trash human being for starting a GoFundMe to pay for medical bills. G-Raver never started the GoFundMe, it was a fan that started it. G-Raver then created a t-shirt that said “Fuck Jim Cornette” and had a drawing of Cornette looking like he just finished a deathmatch. Cornette then called his lawyer, who threatened to sue.

Both men have since appeared on Podcasts which you can hear clips of below.

I realized it was off putting because this garbage deathmatch wrestler at the end of this thing would make a couple dollars off my likeness and my actual name printed in huge letters right next tot he caricature.

So I said it’s not right because I didn’t see anything saying that this is going to help hurricane victims or that this is going to help the children of Somalia or some good cause.

Jim Cornette states that if the money raised from the t-shirt was donated to a charity, he wouldn’t have threatened to sue.

G-Raver appeared on the So Cal Pro Wrestling podcast and spoke about the beginning of his issues with Cornette. As well as wanting the fans who donated to GoFundMe getting something from him for their donations. G-Raver said he doesn’t know if Cornette is playing a character or not, but he doesn’t blame Cornette for running with this.

The shirt itself is a satire, a parody or whatever you want to call it. People say “Oh you’re using his name”. There is no copyright for a fucking name alright? You can’t do that. Like, it’s his name, there are other people called Jim Cornette. If you want to dispute this, he is a public figure for one. Wanna talk about President Trump? Do you think he approved of a naked little troll doll with a tiny dick, in Spencers Gifts?

The full podcast can be found here.

G-Raver said that if you bought a shirt, you will receive one. He said that they didn’t take the shirt down because of the lawyer’s remarks.

Jim Cornette’s lawyer has sent out some tweets about the matter as well.

We will keep you updated as the story unfolds.

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