Why Alexa Bliss Nearly Retired: A Review of WWE 365: Alexa Bliss

Mounting injuries had Alexa Bliss contemplating that retirement might be just around the corner. WWE 365: Alexa Bliss takes a look at a year in her life, from one Mania to the next.

Alexa Bliss may be one of the most charismatic entertainers that WWE has to offer. The latest edition of WWE’s 365 series chronicles Alexa’s journey from Wrestlemania XXXIV where she lost the Raw’s Women’s Title to Nia Jax, to Wrestlemania XXXV, where the Goddess served as host. When injuries began to mount, Alexa heard only one thing: Alexa Bliss retired. She feared it. There were moments, on full display in this latest installation, where Alexa doubted if she’d ever get back into a WWE ring again.

You can take the girl out of Ohio but you can’t take Ohio out of the girl. Alexa, real name Lexi Kauffman, maintains deep roots to her home state through connections with family and friends. WWE’s 365: Alexa Bliss does a wonderful job highlighting the Goddess’ relationship with her friends in her hometown of Grove City, Ohio. Visiting for the town’s Alumni weekend, Lexi saw people that she hadn’t seen in five to ten years, yet the smile never left her face. Although her character on WWE programming might be full of herself and entitled, it’s refreshing to see someone like Lexi who doesn’t forget the people who helped shape her into the person that she is.

Alexa Bliss faced a lengthy recover from two concussions, leading to questions about her possible retirement

One Ohioian highlighted in the docuseries was Lexi’s childhood friend, Erin. Erin and Lexi’s connection goes deep. Lexi pauses the interview at a point while getting emotional talking about Erin helping her through tough times in her life, including her well-documented problems with an eating disorder. It’s this eating disorder that prompted Lexi to get breast implants as a teenager, stating evidence from the medical world that says breast implants can help women with eating disorders and body image issues. This is an absolutely critical moment of emotion from one of WWE’s strongest performers. It’s presented here not for a storyline or character development but rather it showcases the emotional vulnerability of Lexi the person, not Alexa the character.

So often do the character and the entertainer get interlocked and never separated. This docuseries shows the viewer that there is much more to these entertainers than meets the eye. WWE 365 creates commonalities with the fans, tugging your heartstrings, and making you think about these talents as more than just in-ring performers. In professional wrestling, it is very easy for fans and viewers to forget that their favorite entertainers are also people. People with problems that aren’t that different from the things facing everyone in their own lives.

It was at Hell in A Cell, where Alexa Bliss faced off with Ronda Rousey, that Lexi’s problems seemed to start. A simple headlock takeover from Rousey would give Lexi her first concussion. Described at first as “a really bad headache”, Lexi failed the Impact Test the morning after the show. That’s when the boss stepped in. Vince McMahon would give Lexi time off, telling her to focus on rest and recovery. Lexi was sent to the Performance Center to recover. Her first real injury since joining the Main Roster, Lexi saw this as an incredible blow to her promising in-ring career. 

Finally slated to return to in-ring action, Alexa was scheduled to face off with one of her childhood heroes, Trish Stratus. The two had a match scheduled for Evolution, the first all-female pay per view where the Women’s Revolution was front and center. The weekend before this marquee matchup was to take place another headlock takeover from Rousey at a House Show would leave Alexa on the outside of that match with Trish Stratus, looking in. Described by Lexi as “heartbreaking”, Little Miss Bliss was not medically cleared in time for the show, instead, she acted as a valet for Mickie James and Alicia Fox who took on the team of Trish Stratus and Lita. In the docuseries, the footage surrounding this event carries large emotional weight. The cameras capture the disappointment of Lexi as she poses for a selfie with Trish. These are the moments that make WWE 365 one of the most talked about parts of the WWE Network.

Progress with her injury would be hard to find for Lexi. Even though she had the backing of Vince McMahon, Lexi began to doubt her future as an in-ring competitor with the WWE. Facing insurmountable tests, numerous visits to specialists and doctors, not to mention extensive training at the Performance Center, Lexi faced several start-stops on her journey back from injury. It was until January of 2019 that an unexpected opportunity would arise for the Goddess.

“A Moment of Bliss” is the first female talk show on WWE programming.

Hosting the first ever female talk show on WWE programming, Alexa would become the host of “A Moment of Bliss.” Lexi injected her personality into the spot and has made “A Moment of Bliss” one of the most buzzed-about segments on weekly WWE programming. With her segment, Lexi proved that she was capable of making an impact in any capacity within WWE, not just in the ring. 

After being out of the ring for nearly four months, Lexi was cleared to compete just in time for the Royal Rumble. The cameras were there to capture her return to the ring. Although the Goddess’ didn’t win the Rumble and receive her Wrestlemania title shot, Little Miss Bliss was determined to get her own Wrestlemania Moment. The WWE made Alexa host of Wrestlemania XXXV and instantly fans were buzzing. All it took was a snap of the Goddess’ fingers and an appearance from a returning Hulk Hogan to send the fans at Mania into a frenzy. Not only was this an amazing Wrestlemania moment but here in WWE 365, it serves an exciting turning point for not only the Alexa Bliss character but also for Lexi Kauffman the person. 

WWE 365 delivers once again in this installment of the series. Partnering up with one of the most exciting workers on the roster today. This installment’s patience and persistence paid off as the story of Alexa’s potential retirement seemed to be on everyone’s lips or fingertips this past fall. Hopefully, WWE 365 can continue to show how genuine their entertainers are behind the characters they play on TV. Alexa Bliss is ready to return to the ring. Lexi Kauffman couldn’t be more relieved. Here’s to the best for both of them.


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