EXCLUSIVE: Real Reason Why WWE Superstars Are Complaining Backstage

The unhappiness that The Revival has with WWE has been well reported over the last few months. WWE has since appeared to try and appease The Revival as they were offered new five-year contracts that were worth $550,000 a year, which the two did not sign and are said to be waiting to see how it goes.

This as you may remember lead to some embarrassing segments involving The Revival, before recently the team has once again again captured the RAW Tag Team Championships. It had previously been reported earlier this week that Bayley and The Revival are “still being crybabies with the straps,” and a new report from Brad Shepard claims that Bayley and The Revival’s biggest complaint at the moment is travel.

Regarding The Revival and Bayley, Shepard wrote:

“I asked the #WWE source on this to elaborate on Bayley and The Revival’s biggest complaints and was told it’s travel at the moment. They indicated The Revival’s pay especially is good, but said “if you give someone an inch around here they try to take a mile.””

You can see his tweet below.

In an update to the reports about The Revival “still acting like crybabies” and that their biggest complaint at the moment is travel, I spoke to a well placed source within WWE earlier tonight who shot down those reports. I was told by my source that the reports are, “complete bullsh*t. lol”.

When I asked what the actual complaints backstage are with The Revival, Bayley, and the rest of the roster, I was told that generally everyone backstage across the board, main eventers included, that basically their main complaints are pretty much everything that Jon Moxley/Dean Ambrose revealed in his recent interviews. I was then told by my source that guys finding out last minute that they are booked for the next day, and things like that have been an issue as of late.

We will keep you updated if we hear anything more about The Revival or anything else about feelings and issues backstage.

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