Kota Ibushi Suffers Possible Vision Loss Due To Match With Naito At Dominion

New Japan Pro Wrestlings most recent big event Dominion happened this past week. With Jericho fighting for Okada’s IWGP Championship, Jon Moxley defeating Juice Robinson for the United States Championship and the finals of The Best of The Super Juniors all happening on that show. It would be hard to stand out of the pack if you were on the card.

Tetsuya Naito and Kota Ibushi did just that with what ended up being a very controversial match. The neck and head spots were vicious. Both men seemed to be taken very dangerous bumps and many fans felt like it was a bridge too far. The controversy was that these men are risking their livelihoods too much for the sake of this one match.

After the brutal display of athleticism was over, many were surprised that Ibushi only came away with a bruised eye, especially after landing directly on his neck on a cringe inducing apron spot.

Ibushi recently sent out a tweet saying that he might have possibly suffered vision loss due to the match.


We are unsure if this is a lasting eye injury, but “just a black eye” has been found out to be more than that. Regardless of if you feel that “these are grown men who make their own decisions” or “they should not be doing moves like they did and are reckless with their lives”, the match is now over and then men involved have to deal with the repercussions.

We here at Bodyslam are hoping that Ibushi will be able to recover from this and the vision problems won’t impact Kota’s life any further.

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