205 Live Recap: Episode 133 (aka The Best 205 Live Episode Ever)

Last Week on 205 Live: A new version of Drew Gulak attacked Noam Dar before picking up a win over supposed number one contender Akira Tozawa. Oney Lorcan and Ariya Daivari promised to make each other bleed their own blood in a hell of a fight where no one bled.

Cold Open

Drake Maverick welcomes us to the show and apologizes for being obsessed with the 24/7 Championship. Drake now promises to create a new number one contender by creating a fatal four way match. Just like two weeks ago. Akira Tozawa won two weeks ago, now he has to win again against Humberto, Oney and Drew.

We are also told there will be a surprise tonight.

Gentleman Jack Gallagher vs. Chad Gable

  • HELL YEAH!! I am from Minnesota so seeing a fellow Minnesotan is tremendous. I feel bad that Ariya and Chad are on 205 for their star power but I love that they get to wrestle more than Cedric Alexander and Buddy Murphy on the main roster.
  • It’s crazy how two guys get called up and wrestle LESS than the one hour a week show.
  • Commentary is torn on this wrestling Adonis being on 205. Aiden English is so excited because the talent level has now risen. Nigel is upset because the roster for this show is already bloated in his opinion. Vic thinks it’s a wild card thing.
  • Aiden points out how Chad Gable is the only triple crown tag team champion in WWE. NXT, Raw and Smackdown tag champion. That’s something I did not know.
  • Wrestling against Jack Gallagher is a great first match, because dude can go. Some ground wrestling to start off the match, and I forgot to mention the gentleman is in his baby blues.
  • Amazing wrestling here, a beautiful knucklelock spot that shows they are even matched. Gable is then able to work the arm, this is scientific as hell and I love it.
  • I like to think that this is where the people that “would do better on the indies” should go. 205 Live is the place where the very good wrestlers who happen to be short go after NXT. It’s a weird in between but it’s the wrestling show. Main Event is 206+ Taped and 205 Live is 205 Live. Great wrestling by misused main roster talent. These are the shows where the wrestling you want happens.
  • Gallagher was able to get a hold of Chad’s arm and fingers. Sadistic.
  • Chad looks like the little brother of EC3, I can’t believe I just realized this. Maybe it’s cause Chad has a haircut now but damn they are Bret and Owen of the shadowrealm.
  • CHAD GABLE HIT A DRAGON SUPLEX! These guys are going all out. Jack is visibly showing bruises and cuts on his body. This is too fucking good y’all.
  • Gable is busting out so many suplexes in the ring and on the floor. Chad hits a huge belly to belly suplex on the floor and that took Jack out long enough for a 10 count.
  • Chad asks for the mic and the ref will not allow it. The wrestlers look visibly upset. So Gallagher didn’t make it in time but it looked like that wasn’t supposed to be the finish. The crowd is cheering and applauding.

And I’m Like… LETS FUCKING GOOOO! I can’t even describe how elated I am. This match was out of control good. It got a disinterested crowd clapping at the end. This was the shit!

Mike Kanellis shows up with a moon shirt on. Shout out to Freddie! Mike is pissed that Gable is brought to 205 Live and isn’t wrestling Mike. Last week Kanellis asked for better competition, it shows up and Mike is forgotten. Drake says stop complaining and Maria ethers him by saying he needs to actually be on the show and not care so much about the 24/7 belt.

New Drew Gulak video package is highlighted.

The Singh Brothers vs. Dos Locals

  • Dos Locals were the number one contenders to the Yolo County Tag Team Champions.
  • Singh Brothers found the best Lucha wrestlers they could find to prepare for the Lukewarm House Party as Nigel calls them.
  • This is a big squash.

And I’m Like… The most fun part of this squash is Nigel’s names for Dos Locals. Blanco Blanco is one of them and El Hijo de Hijo de Hijo Rojo. The Singh Brothers are just here to show their aggressive side.

For some reason this match is not allowed to be embedded. So the fatal four way match highlights can be seen here.

Akira Tozawa vs. Oney Lorcan vs. Humberto Carrillo vs. Drew Gulak

  • I tried for the first five minutes of this match to get that YouTube link to embed. Don’t know what is up with that.
  • All four men start the match off strong and landing one shot after another. They didn’t get to the normal, one-on-one story telling type of match until all four men were able to shine against all the other men.
  • They threw a curve ball during this match and had one guy sit out while three dudes kept going at it. The action never slowed down and dudes would just enter the ring to do some cool shit.
  • The crowd is way more invested in 205 Live this week. I really dig Sacramento as a crowd, they were hot for Smackdown and for 205 Live. I’ve realized I enjoy ANY wrestling more when the crowd is involved.
  • There are so many near falls and giant moves going on in this match right now. I gave up trying to keep track of who was doing what move. Ten minutes in this match and all four men are knocked out on the floor as the crowd chants “205”. This is really a turning point for this show. EVERYONE is firing on all cylinders and 205 Live is rivaling NXT for the best hour of the week on WWE television.
  • There are just crazy flips and apron spots and it’s honestly out of control. The crowd does another “205” chant and the commentators are letting it breathe. I legit have goosebumps over this shit.
  • Fucking I am at home “205” as the crowd is now “This is Awesome’ing”
  • Bayley knows what’s up. I feel so proud watching this match. These dudes deserve crowd support. I’ve been saying for ages that all 205 needs is crowds making noise. THEY ARE! This match is tearing me up because this roster puts on bangers of a match every fucking week to crickets. They are finally getting recognized for this perfectly built show. This match is the cherry on top.
  • Daivari comes out and takes Oney Lorcan out with a chair shot. Call back to last four way match where Akira almost had it one. Then Drew shows up and fucks up Humberto’s day after Carrillo countered Akira.
  • The obligatory top rope battle on every 205. The crowd “Ah’ing” along with Akira but Gulak brings everyone down when he hits an amazing superplex.
  • Gulak and Tozawa lock their legs after a super plex and pin EACH OTHER! The crowd is boo’ing, they are investd. The refs and Drake Maverick are arguing. Good finish for the story, but not for the live crowd. EVERYONE IS ON THEIR FEET STILL!
  • Gulak raises his arm “Boo” Akira raises his arm “Yeah!”. Two refs enter the ring, boos and yeahs fill the arena. God this is such good shit.

And I’m Like… Looks like another match next week. Both men were pinned and all four shoulders were down. This was a night of wonky finishes but a hot crowd so it makes it, quite possibly, the best 205 Live episode of all time. This is that shit!

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