Storyline Advancements Leading Up To WWE Stomping Grounds

Welcome back folks, I would like to start off by expressing sincere condolences to any poor soul who had to endure three-plus hours of WWE Super ShowDown. Wow was this “The WrestleMania Equivalent” event a dud…With WWE Stomping Grounds steadily approaching on June 23rd, let’s take a look at the most intriguing storylines to focus on in the next few weeks!

Seth Rollins vs. Baron Corbin/Brock Lesnar


Reminiscent of Rollins/Lesnar at WrestleMania 35, WWE started Super ShowDown off with a bang! Rollins/Corbin opened up the “Grand” spectacle with a decent battle, given more time it would have landed a solid A GRADE.

Corbin delivered his best to the Universal champion; but Rollins took full advantage of a squabble Corbin had with official John Cone, after attempting to bring a steel chair in the mix and rolled-up his foe for the three-count. In typical Corbin fashion, frustratingly dropped the champion with an “End of Days”.

Seth Rollins the master of mind-games outsmarted “The Beast in the Bank” once again Friday. As Lesnar methodically made his way down the ramp to capitalize on a wounded Universal champion. Rollins struck with another low-blow and even the odds with vicious chair shots to his adversary. Rollins slithered away with his coveted championship after a “Thunderous” curb stomp to Lesnar and his briefcase.

In three weeks Corbin will get his rematch for the Universal Championship at WWE Stomping Grounds. Both competitors will be given more time to tell a better story inside the squared circle; I predict the same result as Friday, with Rollins toppling his challenger.

However; the buzz isn’t surrounding “The Lone Wolf” all eyes are on Lesnar and what’s the pay-off for this on-going story. WWE may have finally found a way to keep “The Beast” intriguing, while still keeping a full-time Universal Champion!

Finn Balor vs. Aleister Black 


“The Demon” arrived in Jeddah with a BADASS entrance mirror some of his best NXT Takeover Entrances… May I say how Awesome it is to finally see “The Demon” rear it’s head on the main roster. It only took two years for it to happen…

So Balor retained after a hard-hitting affair with Andrade, who gave it all he had in his first real singles feud since arriving on SmackDown Live. Unlike Corbin, Andrade was not granted a rematch at WWE Stomping Grounds not yet anyway. Balor is going to need a new worthy challenger, enter Aleister Black.


Aleister Black recently made the jump from NXT to SmackDown Live; WWE decided not to take the usual route with him, instead, they utilized his greatest strength delivering ominous and dangerous pre-meditated backstage vignettes. Black is growing more impatient as the weeks fly by with no opponent to annihilate; I predict that he is going to make his implications crystal clear in the coming weeks, by challenging the Intercontinental champion to his first-singles match on the Blue brand!

Drew McIntyre vs. Roman Reigns


Shane McMahon beat Roman Reigns… Let that sink in for a moment! The self-proclaimed “Best in the World” did the unthinkable as he toppled “The Big Dog”, at Super ShowDown of course with the help of “The Scottish Psychopath” Drew McIntyre.

I for one feel it’s baffling and deflating to Reigns’ previous opponents ie, The Undertaker, Brock Lesnar, and HHH that have fallen victim of the dreaded “Spear” that WWE would book Shane to withstand two spears Why? Because he’s a damn McMahon that’s why! God forbid we give the WWE Universe a new storyline to bite their teeth into…Rant Over!

McIntyre and Reigns are set to clash in three weeks and with the “Corporation 2.0” growing in numbers weekly consisting currently of (The Revival, Bobby Lashley, and McIntyre). Expect more gloating from the conceited Shane and brutal attacks from his goons. McIntyre recently lost clean to Reigns at this year’s Mania, and unless I’m entirely naive I don’t see this feud ending in his favor… again.

I’ll say McIntyre gets the win at Stomping Grounds but fails at “The Biggest Party of the Summer”. I will be pleasantly shocked if the roles are reversed and “The Scottish Psychopath” earns the victory he should have at WrestleMania, building him up for a dominant run with the Universal Championship at WrestleMania 36!

Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler


At Friday’s event Dolph Ziggler (who had some ring rust), tried everything he could to capture the WWE Championship but no avail. Kofi was not going to allow his adversary to best him and off-set his first WWE- championship-reign so quickly. He silenced his challenger to continue solidifying his title reign.

In three weeks both competitors will meet again, except this time inside of a steel cage per Ziggler’s request. On this upcoming episode of SmackDown Live, I expect Kofi/Xavier vs. Ziggler/Owens in a tag-team match. In the meantime leading up to the pay per view, expect more vicious attacks by Ziggler as he delivers more (Tearful) jealous promos, it won’t matter though because Kofi-Mania is still running strong.

If WWE is wise they will keep the WWE championship on him all way to WrestleMania 36; to solidify his status as Main-event caliber and bring prestige back to the title, until one of his “New Day” brethren take it!

If you’re interested in reading my article depicting how this story can be unraveled then click on the link and enjoy!

Becky Lynch vs. Lacey Evans 


Despite the fact that the women were not allowed to wrestle because of the Saudi government’s ridiculous rules, this is still one of the hottest feuds on Monday nights. At Money in the Bank Becky 2 Belts defended both the Raw and SmackDown Live Women’s Championships with pride; after knocking off Lacey Evans to retain the Raw Women’s championship, she was goaded into defending her SmackDown Live Women’s championship against Charlotte Flair immediately afterward.

Flair went right after her already injured knee, and she took the fight to Lynch. Flair was ruthless in her assault, at the end of the match Evans returned and cleaned the champion’s clock with “A Woman’s Right” after that her demise was imminent. Flair dropped her with “Natural Selection” and the win was academic.

Immediately after Flair won Bayley (Ms. Money in the Bank) picked apart the new SmackDown Women’s champion and cashed-in to become the new SmackDown Live Women’s Champion. Expect Lynch to pull double-duty for the second per view in a row. She doesn’t need to win back the title but she does need a leave a lasting impression for SmackDown Live’s women’s division!

All three women have been at each other’s throat interwoven in a triangle; thanks to the “Wild-Card Rule” Evans has been gracing Lynch with her presence on SmackDown Live also, now coming right out of Friday’s event Lynch/Evans II is set to take place at Stomping Grounds. I am not expecting a clean finish for this bout either; as I see a “Huge” Triple-threat-match for the Raw Women’s Championship at SummerSlam.


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