Sami Zayn Mentions AEW Live During Raw

All Elite Wrestling just had their first show on May 25th. Solidifying itself as the number two American wrestling promotion behind WWE. The last time there was a viable number two promotion was almost 22 years ago when WCW was still around.

At that time WCW would acknowledge WWE but WWE never reciprocated. It’s been said that Vince doesn’t like to give other promotions attention, especially when they aren’t seen as competition to his WWE.

Tonight on Monday Night Raw, fans had already chanted ‘AEW’ earlier in the show. WWE did not acknowledge it in any way. Later in the night. Sami Zayn had a segment where he told the crowd they could ask him anything. @BulletClubITA uploaded the clip where Sami said they could even ask him about AEW.

It’s well known that WWE scripts their shows and especially their promos. The only person to sign off on the scripts is Vince McMahon, meaning he approved the AEW reference. It’s very interesting that WWE would give their newest rival any type of attention.

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