Pro Wrestling’s entertainment influence on MMA

Since the emergence of the Ultimate Fighting Championship in 1993 and Bellator in 2008, Mixed Martial Arts has been taken to a world platform that has set the combat world on fire. It is undeniable that pay-per-view numbers are up and that is due to the extraordinary talent that is shown in these two promotions and others. However talent is not the only reason. Entertainment has become a huge part of what’s made MMA must-watch TV. Professional Wrestling type entrances, personalities and cross over wrestling stars has added to the already shining star called MMA which continues to have a wave of momentum and this writer thinks it is a good as it gets.

Many historians credit WWE Hall of Famers The Fabulous Freebirds for popularizing the musical entrance in professional wrestling
Former WWE World Heavyweight and Universal Champion Brock Lesnar’s real life combat ability along with his WWE superstardom combined with the world caliber talent of UFC Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier has created a buzz for a UFC World Title Match that has the potential to be the biggest in history if signed.
Lightweight MMA star David Rickels enters the arena in ‘Stone Cold’ fashion at Bellator 219

As sports fans, we are all about competition, and pro wrestling and MMA feed that competition appetite in one way of another, but entertainment brings main stream eyes to the product. This formula is what brought WWE to prominence in the ’80s, WCW to competitive stability in the ’90s and wrestling overall in the present day, is taking combat sports to a worldwide higher level currently. It’s clear that Bellator, UFC, and Boxing have embraced this and it’s why combat sports are thriving in 2019 in a way that we’ve never seen before.

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