NXT Recap – Takeover:New York

Last time on Takeover: War Raiders had an amazing entrance before taking the Tag Team championships from Undisputed Era. Matt Riddle beat Kassius Ohno in a rematch from the previous Takeover. Johnny Gargano defeated Ricochet for the North American championship, bringing Gargano one step closer to being NXT’s first ever triple crown champion. Bianca Belair was defeated for the first time ever by champion Shayna Baszler. Tommaso Ciampa defended his NXT championship against Aleister Black, in what could be Ciampa’s last championship match ever. After this Takeover and a few NXT tapings, Ciampa needed neck surgery and may or may not return to the ring.

Cold Open

We are spoiled as wrestling fans. NXT Takeover is head and shoulders the best wrestling card of every season. There isn’t any better wrestling. This is a hill I will die on. The show starts with a history of NXT Takeover kind of. That leads into hype for the show for the night. That being said, if Takeover was 8 hours, it wouldn’t be as awesome. You can’t dilute your talent with too many matches. Takeover has five matches usually, and that is perfect for a two and a half hour show.

NXT Tag Team Championship

War Raiders (c) vs. Aleister Black and Ricochet

  • The War Raiders have such an energizing entrance. There is “fire” war drums, the crowd just yelling “war” over and over. The music hits and these beasts of men walk out with horns, beards and chest garb. It’s a fucking scene.
  • Ricochet and Aleister Black also have amazing entrances, man NXT is special. It’s WWE done right. The presentation is obviously WWE level, but the camera work is better. The arena has the same amount of fans, but they are more passionate. The commentary is a three man booth, but it focuses on the matches and story and not 1,000 things at once. The storylines are logical and have emotion that seem to come organically and not campy and forced. The wrestlers are not “superstars” but they get bigger reactions than WWE’s Superstars.
  • Aleister Black looks like a low rent War Raider. Dude looks like an enigma and a star when in the ring with other wrestlers, but he is a skinnier War Raider with a smaller beard.
  • Rowe and Black start the match, some chain wrestling with lots of counters. Rowe double legs Black and holds his fist at Black’s face. They pause for the crowd to react and absorb that Rowe could have ended Black. Aleister even has a look of worry.
  • The chain wrestling and counter wrestling picks up again until Rowe is on his knees and Black stops his kick short of Rowe’s head. Aleister rests his foot on Rowe’s shoulder as they lock eyes. This time Aleister has Rowe dead to rights and Rowe is the one with worry in his eyes. GOOD SHIT!
  • This lets us know that both men have the ability to end one another and all that it takes is one mistake. There is a staredown and Aleister and Rowe bump fists in a sign of respect, then they tag out.
  • The two agile members of the respective teams tag in and we get some counter wrestling but Ricochet is able to hit a flurry on Hanson to put him out of the ring. Aleister tags in, does a flurry and gets Rowe out of the ring. Black does his moonsault, Ricochet stands next to Black while they both sit simultaneously. The crowd pops bigger than any spot they’ve seen so far. THAT IS HOW YOU GET A REACTION! “NXT” chants fill the arena.
  • Rowe and Hanson get in the ring and are able to roll off the backs of Ricochet and Black. Showing they are strong and agile.
  • The match breaks down and Hanson and Rowe are in their element. Double team moves and brute strength give them control of the match.
  • On X-Pac’s Podcast, he was mentioning how all four of these men are in Shawn Michael’s class. HBK’s class supposedly is to teach the big match psychology to his students, how to create moments and play with the crowd while planning with each other. HBK is considered one of the greatest of all time because in between his amazing moves and timing was the moments he created. Most people will remember the moments of a match or the reason behind the finishing move, and that’s what Shawn teaches to some NXT superstars.
  • That explains the multiple moments we’ve already had delivered in this match.
  • There is a weird moment in the match where Aleister is working over Rowe with a wear down hold. The crowd pops huge, yes’s and chants “you deserve it”. It was at a fan who presumably got kicked out. Now these four have to bring the crowd back into the story of the match.
  • The crowd is reacting a bit but not as much as they were. Hanson and Ricochet both get tagged at the same time but Hanson is the one who is running hot. He is taking out Black and Ricochet with multiple running corner clotheslines. I mean the dude did about 10 and the crowd is lit again.
  • Ricochet CAUGHT Hansons and did a fall-away slam. He got a standing ovation and “NXT” chants. The crowd reacts the strongest to sitting down and a fall-away slam. It was the shock of strength and the moment of togetherness that brought the two biggest pops of the night.
  • Black and Rowe enter into a strike fest. Black and Rowe trade knees to the face and Aleister hits a bridging German suplex on Rowe that Rowe lands HIGH on his shoulders.
  • Ricochet’s chest tat weirds me out because it surrounds his untatted nipple. Just a pink ass areola in the middle of some blue shit.
  • Hanson and Ricochet are doing some flippy dodge stuff. Ricochet goes for a front handspring rebound elbow, but Hanson dodges it and hits one of his own!! The crowd is molten.
  • Hanson thinks about doing a second rope leg drop. After contemplation, he turns around and plants one foot on the top rope. The crowd is eating up every movement of the body part. Ricochet stops Hanson before Hanson can go off the top rope.
  • War Raiders hit some double team moves on Ricochet and both cover him. The ref counts 1, 2… Aleister hits a double stomp on top of Hanson who is on top of Rowe. The ref has to move to avoid being hit by Black which breaks up the count.
  • Black is taking out War Raiders on his own, until Rowe is able to dive on Black to the outside, Ricochet hits a corkscrew Fosbury Flop.. All three men groggily stand up when Hanson takes em all out with a top rope swanton. BONKERS!!
  • The match was almost a double count out but Ricochet and Rowe were able to break the count.
  • We get a strike battle with Ricochet selling like he was Sami Zayn with a concussion. There is so much going on right now.
  • Black hit the Black Mass on Rowe, Ricochet hits a Shooting Star Press. It’s almost three so Hanson just picks up Aleister and runs into the pinfall. What a break up.
  • Ricochet MISSES the 630 in what has to be the most painful looking back bump I’ve ever seen. Dude did two front flips from 6 feet up right onto his back.
  • War Raiders are able to hit their finish on Ricochet after taking Black out for the win.

And I’m Like… Well if I was on the card and had to follow this match I would hate my life. This was outstanding. Just nuts. Doctors run into the ring to check on Ricochet.. War Raiders are “War” chanting and then look worriedly at Ricochet. This match has entered the echelon of Takeover tag matches before it. Instant classic and the best way to start off the WWE wrestling weekend. You can tell by the looks on the War Raiders faces, they just had the greatest match of their lives. Ricochet ends up okay and all four men hug. Aleister and Ricochet seem to be main roster bound. Thanks for the black and yellow memories men. The crowd gives Black and Ricochet a standing ovation with a “NXT” chant. Ricochet is crying. It’s so emotional because a chaper is closing on their lives, and they know they will never have matches or be treated this great character wise for probably the rest of their careers. “You Deserve It” chants as they leave the ring.

Toni Storm and Piper Niven (Viper) are in the crowd to show off the NXT U.K. star power.

North American Championship

Velveteen Dream (c) vs. Matt Riddle

  • Matt Riddle comes out in Yankee pinstripes to loud “Bro” chants. Riddle has a swagger about him, a goof swagger but it’s infectious. The theme song gets you in a vibe and the flip flop shoe kick into the crowd is next level. NXT does EVERYTHING right when Takeover’s hit.
  • Velveteen says “you coming in pinstripes? I’m coming as the mother fucking statue of liberty!” The music is patriotic and heroic, dream is wearing the liberty crown being brought to the ring on a stage carried by a few lovely men. DREAM IS A STAR!
  • Dream’s Macho Man spin is a work of art, especially with the championship in hand. These two are the greatest character actors in wrestling. Riddle is himself, which is a damn character and Dream is just pro wrestling in a body.
  • The crowd is completely split. With the majority of fans cheering for both men.
  • After playing to the crowd a bit, Riddle goes for a fist bump. Dream makes fun of Riddle’s MMA background by doing the Crane Kick pose.
  • Riddle just starts kicking Dream’s legs, so Dream goes for a fist bump, Matt bites and Dream goes for a single leg take down that Riddle is able to avoid. Matt is out wrestling Dream.
  • They go into a test of strength and Riddle is able to turn it into a monkey flip INTO an armbar. It was nuts, Dream isn’t dejected, he just stomps on Riddle’s toe because Matt wrestles barefoot.
  • Riddle is only on the defense for a second or two, then he is hitting a triple gut wrench suplexes. Well almost triple, Riddle tries to wiggle his hips like Dream before hitting the third suplex and Dream is able to turn it into a schoolboy for two.
  • Dream has very basic but very crowd effective offense. Dude is a nerd for pro wrestling and it shows by how great he is. Riddle is a damn natural as well as a big fan. Both men know how to play the crowd and their styles mix so well. Like peanuts and butter, or however that phrase goes.
  • This match has been like 70/30 Riddle/Dream for offense. It’s believable but surprising at the same time. Dream is catching Riddle every now and then losing focus. That’s Dream’s game plan. Wrestle Riddle’s match and just hang in there until Riddle makes enough mistakes that he loses the match.
  • Riddle is beginning to lose his cool, he just unloads forearms on Dream and the crowd begins to boo. Matt shows a bit of a mean streak that makes me think he is capable of being a heel.
  • Velveteen is in dire straights. I don’t know if his game plan was smart. Not many men can withstand what Dream is going through. Riddle is hitting flurries. Strikes to the face, knees to the face, bridging German’s. Dream is kicking out like he is Homer and Riddle is Drederick Tatum.
  • Dream’s sequence on his gear has gotten on Riddle’s face and it looks like he has cartoon freckles.
  • Riddle yells at Dream and says “I’m the bro that runs the show” and DREAM HULKS UP!!! The crowd pops huge and say “YOU!” with him.
  • Dream hits the punches, hits the boot, kicks Riddle in the face. Riddle rolls to the outside and Dream hits a diving double ax handle. Then throws Riddle in for a Fameasser. Dream IS WRESTLING!! He is the future while reminding us of the past. It’s brilliant.
  • Velveteen even hit a Codebreaker for two! Riddle made that one mistake and now Dream is capitalizing. Dream goes to kick Riddle in the face but Riddle gets the ankle lock on. This is great shit.
  • Dream hits a DDDT and then a DVD and then a Purple Rainmaker but Riddle catches him mid elbow and turns it into a Bromission. Dream doesn’t let Riddle lock it in and I am exhausted watching this.
  • Riddle legit killed Dream with a middle rope dead lift German suplex where Dream landed on the top of his head… Riddle follows that up with the twisting moonsault and DREAM KICKS OUT!
  • We are at a strike battle now and the crowd is losing their shit. Dream continually kicks out. Riddle loses his shit and puts the Bromission on. He pulls back too hard and Dream rolls on top of Riddle for THREE!!!
  • Riddle is dismayed..

And I’m Like… Riddle has to be so relaxed in everyday life because of the emotion he leaves in the ring. There isn’t much I can say. You read what happened, you can understand how thrilling that was. No one was hurt by losing this match. This was absolutely outstanding. I think it may have surpassed the previous match but I don’t even know. THAT was an EXPERIENCE.

Kushida signed with NXT.

NXT United Kingdom Championship

Pete Dunne(c) vs. Walter

  • Walter is such a star. The crowd already knows his theme song and sings along. Only problem is, he doesn’t want to move out of Germany or leave NXT U.K. Walter vs. Lars, Walter vs. Braun, Walter vs. Brock, Walter vs. Harper, Walter vs. Keith Lee. There is TOO many great matches we might never see.
  • As the commentary team has the camera on him, you can catch a dude telling a kid about Walter. The kid is just beginning to chant Walter and then the man holds his chest, mimics a chop. The kid then holds his chest and looks on in awe. That was a cool moment that was accidentally caught on camera.
  • Pete Dunne comes out and the crowd is ready. Pete has no fear in his eyes. Pete Dunne has the longest championship this century. Tonight could be the night it ends.
  • The match starts with Walter asserting his dominance by pushing Pete into the ropes. Pete is trying to figure out how to take Walter down or get some offense in.
  • The best thing about Dunne’s offense is he focuses on joint manipulation. Doesn’t mater how big you are or how strong you are, everyone can be controlled by joint manipulation.
  • Walter keeps trying to hit his chop on Pete but Dunne avoids it and shrugs. It’s going to be a damn moment when that chop hits.
  • Dunne goes to strike Walter and the chop landed. Dudes in the crowd stood up in shock and strangers are high-fiving. “Walter” chants while Pete Dunne is shook.
  • This match is just Walter dominating Pete Dunne. The second act seems like it will slow down the show a bit, but that is only to service the story of Pete’s struggle.
  • Dunne’s only chance is to catch a limb and manipulate the joints.
  • Pete figures to try something off the top rope but Walter is there to meet him. Dunne finally gets hold of Walters hand.. Is able to flip down and hit Walter with a sitout powerbomb for two.
  • This is great storytelling.
  • Walter had to roll out of the ring and Dunne had to go get him, Pete doesn’t want to win by count out because he has pride. That pride is a problem because it let Walter take control of the match.
  • Dunne kicks out of the powerbomb, which has put away everyone else in NXT UK. Walter holds Pete’s arm and just chops the shit out of him. Pete tries to fight back, open hand slaps to the face, one chop by Walter and Pete loses all sense of where he is.
  • Walter gets his fingers caught by Pete, so he has to attempt to over power Pete. Dunne is able to hit an enziguri and that knocks both men down. Big chants and claps from the crowd. “UK” chant. Some members of the crowd try to Marty Scrull “Woop Woop”
  • No matter what Walter does, Pete goes back to the fingers. Sleeper Suplex from the top rope and Pete almost dies, he kicks out, but he almost dies. Dunne will hate his life tomorrow and the week after. Walter has more marks on his chest than Pete though.
  • Dunne caught a chop and BROKE WALTERS FINGERS!! A flurry of a German suplex and a crucifix bomb into a pin. Walter kicks out. We seem to be even Steven in this match and its glorious.
  • Pete just grabs Walters hands and stomps Walters face. Walter fires back with the same kicks to Pete’s head. THEY ARE TRADING KICKS TO THE HEAD.
  • Pete has an arm and finger submission on Walter but Walter uses his big lanky body to get to the ropes. This match is a war. I feel like I shouldn’t type move for move, but every move means something in this match.
  • Walter went for a high risk move and Dunne caught Walter in the triangle, he went to break Walter’s fingers some more but Walter in pure desperation gets out of the submission.
  • DUNNE HITS THE BITTER END!!! Walter kicks out but for Pete to even hit that is astounding. The crowd is all the way live right now. Pete is exasperated, Walter is trying to get feeling back into his fingers. Walter and Pete need the ropes to pull them to their feet, they lock eyes across the ring. These two warriors have almost nothing left, they are meeting in the center of the ring as the crowd duels in chants in support of both men. A strike battle ensues and both men are running on pure adrenaline.
  • Pete Dunne is walking through Walter’s chops. Walter is almost defenseless. The ref distracts Dunne for a second and Walter lands a boot, Dunne is knocked out.
  • Walter goes to the to rope again?!?! Pete gets up and goes for the fingers. Both men are fighting on the top rope. Pete is going for a triange and Walter is able to hit a powerbomb off the top rope. The crowd is stunned in silence for a few seconds and then react. WALTER IS GOING BACK TO THE TOP ROPE. Walter hits a splash and wins.

And I’m Like… Fuck. That was nuts. They built that match masterfully. Pete’s legendary reign has come to an end and a new one is beginning. Walter can believably lose during the match, but going into one he seems unstoppable. This was tremendous. Takeovers are the fucking best you guys.

Three matches down, 1,000 words per match. If you’re still with me, thank you.

NXT Women’s Championship

Shayna Baszler vs. Io Shirai vs. Kairi Sane vs. Bianca Belair

  • I’m cool with Ronda leaving WWE if that means Shayna moves up. Shayna is the real force in the women’s division. That woman will create moments.
  • Can’t believe the crowd doesn’t sing Kairi’s theme song yet. One of NXT’s greatest tragedies.
  • Bianca’s entrance doesn’t have the same sass as it does at Full Sail. The entrance ramp is bigger and Bianca has to hurry up to hit her time cues.
  • Shayna gets the Goldberg entrance. The backstage walk with her horsewomen by her side until Baszler hits the entrance ramp. That’s just to remind us that the threat of Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke hangs over this match.
  • They must be short on time, all the entrances seemed rushed and there was no introductions in the spotlight like the championship matches usually have. It could also be a call done to make the NXT Championship match seem more important.
  • This match will be hard to write about because in the time I wrote that last paragraph every woman got a nearfall after a big move. There were face offs and signature moves within the first few minutes.
  • Bianca blew a kiss at Kairi, Kairi caught it and yelled “Io”, then threw the kiss to Shirai who mimicked using a baseball bat and hitting it into the crowd. Soon Io and Kairi face off. Kairi seems more focused than Io.
  • Shayna and Bianca step in the ring and then Baszler grabs Bianca’s hair and whips Belair into the turnbuckle.
  • Baszler starts working on Belair’s elbow. Baszler and Bianca are fighting over Belair’s hair. Bianca pulls Shayna face first into the turnbuckle post and Nigel says “That’s a memory I wish I didn’t remember” referencing his gruesome headbutts into the turnbuckle post in a match with Bryan Danielson.
  • Every woman is getting 4 or 5 moves uninterrupted in the ring.
  • After all four women are allowed to shine, it feels like we are entering act two.
  • Kairi and Io do a tower of doom spot on Bianca and Shayna. Kairi lets out a fierce fucking scream before collapsing to the ground. The crowd seems spent from the last three matches but are still into this match.
  • Kairi and Io are teaming up to take out Belair and Baszler. This has almost turned into a tornado tag team match.
  • Belair is able to deadlift Io and throw her onto Kairi and Shayna. Crazy impressive.
  • Bianca and Shayna square off in the ring and Shayna is able to get a choke in on Belair. Bianca powers out into the KOD and would have one if Io didn’t break up the pin.
  • Io hits back to back moonsaults and Kairi makes the save. This match is structured weirdly. Every woman gets the same bit of time to do their version of the same story beats. Quick nearfalls. Outside spots, finishing sequences with broken up near falls. It’s really good but it’s getting kind of predictable. The second someone does a new type of spot, the other women follow with their versions.
  • Io and Kairi finally come to blows and the NXT crowd is introduced to how emotional and viscous Joshi wrestling is.
  • Belair don’t fuck around and hits a double KOD. That is near 250 pounds. Bianca is near tears as she goes for the pin but Baszler is there for a knee to the face and a Kirifuda clutch. Bianca taps out.

And I’m Like… Horsewomen didn’t get involved. Shayna shocks the world and takes all the air out of the crowd when Bianca taps. These girls put it all out there and did an amazing job with outstanding performances. I was a fan of the match but it felt a little less than. That’s probably because it is a multi-person match and those matches are harder for story and emotion.

Vacant NXT Championship 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

Johnny Gargano vs. Adam Cole

  • The crowd is split on both men. I’m like some of the fans where I’ll cheer and participate in both parts of the dueling chants. When Adam Cole makes his entrance and the “boom” part of his theme song played, it was thunderous. Then the Adam Cole Bay-Bay part had everyone in the crowd in it with him. Adam Cole is so over. So so over.
  • Huge “Adam Cole” chants before the match even starts. Johnny looks a tad dejected and Adam looks focused. Both men know this is special and are soaking in the moment before they lock up.
  • It legit took three minutes for the crowd to chant something in unison. Referee shirt dude in the front row chanted “Johnny Wrestling/Adam Cole” and that’ my dude right there, supporting both men.
  • Nigel bring up that one of the men in this match can use Muhammad Ali’s rope-a-dope strategy. Even though that was Velveteen Dream’s exact strategy and Nigel didn’t say shit during that match.
  • Cole and Gargano are wrestling a furious pace. This is two out of three falls and these guys are going like there is a ten minute time limit.
  • After the initial feeling out process, Cole is the first one to leave the ring. Johnny is able to get a dropkick baseball slide and the wrestling has moved out of the way for the fighting.
  • This match is starting out slower, because again, there is gonna be three falls. There isn’t much action outside of some very good wrestling. The men are equals in every way physically.
  • Johnny even did the funny babyface “c’mon” spot. I feel like the crowd isn’t reacting as loudly because they know the first fall is only apart of the story and won’t be the finish to the match.
  • Gargano got hit by a rope assisted back cracker and when Johnny was selling, he hit his ear on the ropes and REALLY sold that.
  • First fall hasn’t happened yet even after both men traded small package pins a bunch of times. That sequence kicked the match up a notch and the strikes starting hitting a bit harder, the moves a bit faster, the urgency is there now.
  • Cole hits a Last Shot out of nowhere to the back of Gargano’s head. The crowd is excited. Kayla Braxton says “Winner of the first fall Adam Cole!” and the crowd says “Bay-Bay” which was great.
  • Mauro points out that Johnny has never won a fall at Barclays center. So not only is Johnny down 1-0, he has the Barclays curse as well.
  • Johnny got hit with another Last Shot rather quickly and kicked out. Apparently that was the first time anyone kicked out of the Last Shot. Seems like a bit of a waste.
  • Gargano is getting is ass kicked. Adam Cole has already hit every signature and finishing move outside of the jumping Canadian destroyer.
  • Gargano catches Cole attempting the destroyer and catches Adam in an Air Raid Crash from the top rope.
  • Gargano hit a slingshot DDT onto the apron and Nigel loved it so much he audibly went “Whoo hoo hoo hoo”. The ref checks on both men to make sure they are okay. Then the ref starts counting. He gets to seven and Johnny breaks the count?
  • Adam makes him regret the decision and slams the back of Gargano’s head into the ring post and the front of his head into another one.
  • NXT has been around for almost 10 years and there has only been 14 champions.
  • Gargano gets the Garga-No Escape on Cole and Adam tapped out immediately. He doesn’t want any more damage since he is up one fall.
  • Sudden Death now folks.
  • Adam has a death glare towards Johnny and Gargano has a booger in his nose.
  • We get a strike battle that turns into a Fighting Spirit strike battle where no one sells anything.
  • Johnny is bleeding from the right eyebrow. It’s not gushing, so I don’t know where he got it. It kind of looks like a mat burn.
  • Gargano just realized he is bleeding after hitting a flurry of offense on Cole for a nearfall. Gargano even hit Hurts Donuts which is a full nelson into a flatliner.
  • Another strike battle that is yay/boo and the crowd is more cheering Cole. It ends with a double superkick and both men down. A standing ovation from the crowd followed by an “NXT” chant.
  • Cole hits a superkick to the back of Gargano’s head followed by a straight jacket suplex. Which Cole hasn’t used at all in NXT but used more on the indies.
  • Cole went for his Canadian destroyer and Gargano dodged it and ended up hitting a poisoned-rana followed by a superkick. Cole rolls out of the ring to avoid pinfall and Johnny crawls and collapses. Showing he had just enough strength for the pinfall.
  • Adam Cole hits a wheelbarrow suplex onto the LED board side of the apron and that made a sickening noise. That shit has no give to it at all, less than a normal apron.
  • Johnny plays opossum in the ring and hits the rope hung DDT on the prettiest opossum in the dumpster.
  • This is a got damn sprint. Huge moves that end with Cole hitting the jumping Canadian destroyer. Everyone knows that’s it, but Gargano kicks out!! The crowd is shocked, tons of chants break out and there is just a bunch of noise. My ear starting ringing but I don’t know if that’s related.
  • Adam throws Johnny out of the ring and starts trash talking him. That’s the worst thing to do to Johnny because that’s when he always digs deep and fights back. You never talk down to a fighting Gargano.
  • These dudes have been out of the ring for more than ten seconds but I guess the ref is powerless. Adam Cole hits a Fairy Tale Ending on the table on Gargano. That is Ciampa’s finishing move. Gargano looks completely out of it. Cole tells the ref to count to 10. Mauro brings up that Johnny refused a win by count out and Cole is asking for it. Gargano made it in at 9.
  • Johnny slides right into a superkick and gargano kicks out again. The crowd loses whatever shit they had left and Adam Cole shows so much frustration on his face. He is so emotionally taxxed that he doesn’t know what to do next.
  • They are trading superkicks now . Johnny reversed a jumping Canadian destroyer and The Undisputed Era shows up to ensure victory for Adam Cole. The crowd is upset.
  • The referee is knocked out so The Undisputed Era hits Total Elimination on Johnny. They drag Adam Cole on top of Johnny and GARGANO KICKS OUT! The reaction is deafening. People are reacting and smiling and this is absolutely amazing.
  • Johnny is single handedly taking out UE. Runs into the ring and catches two super kicks and a Last Shot to the back of his head and KICKS OUT!!!! The crowd got louder than I even knew they could.. This is it man. this is the match right now. This is another level. Thisis more of an experience than any other match tonight. WOW.
  • Gargano has a rush of adrenaline and locks Cole in the Garga-No Escape and Cole finally taps. Everyone is on there feet with their hands in the air. Jonny is the first ever NXT Triple Crown champion and this is a moment.

And I’m Like… That’s the fucking show because that was the fucking match. I am honestly exhausted. This whole show was an emotional journey and this match was an epic. Johnny Gargano is Johnny Takeover and probably the greatest wrestler on the planet. Well fucking done!! Johnny Wrestling Bay-Bay!

Johnny celebrates in the ring, with his wife, in the crowd with his family and Gregory Iron. They walk to the entrance ramp, Johnny and Candice…. Tommaso Ciampa shows up. Smiling, hugging Gargano and Candice. Also looking at he belt a lot. All three of them hug as NXT goes off the air. WHAT A NIGHT!