Daniel Bryan Is The Reason For Mustafa Ali’s Call Up And Push

The Wrasslerap Podcast with Emilio Sparks is an underrated podcast. Emilio has worked in music for more than a decade and is also an avid wrestling fan. One of his life long friends is Kazeem Famuyide. Kaz frequents the podcast and was once a writer for WWE.

During an episode of Wrasslerap, Kaz shared a story about Daniel Bryan and how it lead to Mustafa Ali being called up to the main roster.

People would come and sit in creative sometimes. I will tell you one story. I was still pretty new.

He did it in jest, but he meant it. You know what I’m saying. We were sitting in the writers room. Daniel Bryan storms down the hallway and he is walking. He kicks the door open and he is like “HEY! We need a hot young babyface RIGHT NOW!” and I was like “huh?” He was like “The biggest babyface you have is pushing 40 years old. How is this going to work?” He came in joking but he was deadass. In a round about way I think that’s how we got to Mustafa Ali. He was a pure whitemeat babyface on 205 Live that got real emotion that could fucking sell agony. Vince is so huge on that. “You got to bring him in, if he can fight from underneath, than oh god, that is such an advantage. They have to see that you are in agony and pain in the face. So when you overcome, they are with you.” That’s the genius of Vince, he understands the dynamics of good vs. evil and fighting against the odds.

Kazeem Famuyide on Wrasslerap

It’s amazing how one superstar saying one thing can open the door for another. This bit of information also helps explain why Kofi Kingston is in the spot he is in right now. Granted he is much older than Ali, but Kofi has all the attributes that Vince praises about Ali. Which would explain why when Ali got hurt, Kofi was his replacement.

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