Remembering the Mega-Powers … and “What If”

Without question, the most popular wrestler in the mid-late 1980’s through the early 90’s was Hulk Hogan. Nothing ran more wild in the 1980’s than Hulkamania.  Hulk Hogan was the standard-bearer for WWE since winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in Madison Square Garden in 1984 and officially being passed the torch by Andre the Giant at WrestleMania III in 1987. There was nothing that could compare to the rock star status Hulk Hogan attained being backed by the WWE machine with owner & visionary Vince McMahon at the helm… until “Macho Man” Randy Savage.

After transitioning from Professional baseball and a successful run in other wrestling organizations including a great program with WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “the king” Lawler, Randy Savage debuted in World Wrestling Entertainment in the Summer of 1985, not long after that, he introduced to the world his new manager and the future “first lady” of Professional Wrestling, Miss Elizabeth. Working as a heel, Savage quickly became a household name which led to him becoming the WWE Intercontinental Champion in February 1986, holding onto the title until March 29, 1987, losing the gold to Ricky Steamboat in what many consider the greatest  wrestling match of all time as part of WrestleMania III.

October 3rd, 1987 edition of WWE Saturday Night’s Main Event: The formation of the Mega-Powers

The 2nd generation wrestler (son of wrestling legend Angelo Poffo) Randy Savage along with Miss Elizabeth went from star to superstar after WrestleMania III, and it wouldn’t be too much longer until Savage would turn face, feuding with recently crowned Intercontinental Champion Honky Tonk Man and through the wisdom of his loving manager Elizabeth would join forces with then WWE Champion Hulk Hogan.  Macho Madness & Hulkamania came together and a mega team was formed… a powerful team was formed… The MEGA-POWERS were formed. WWE fans around the world were mesmerized by Hogan, Savage, and Elizabeth. Hulk Hogan gave Macho a small assist in the finals of the WrestleMania IV World title tournament, and Savage earned his 1st world championship after a super-human effort of four victories in 1 night. The Mega-Powers headlined the very first SummerSlam event and were the soul survivors at the Survivor Series in 1988, and though an occasional hug between the Hulkster and the first lady of wrestling got a side eye from the new WWE World Champion, all seemed to be well in the Mega-Powers camp until February of 1989.   As any wrestling fan worth their salt knows, Twin Towers member Akeem threw Macho Man outside the ring, Savage landed on Elizabeth, Hogan carried Elizabeth to the medical area, and when Hogan returned to the ring to help Savage defeat Akeem, the Big Boss man and manager Slick,  the WWE World Champion slapped Hogan in the face, an attack with the championship belt by Savage on Hogan took place in the medical area, and in a flash the Mega-Powers were no more.

Mega Powers Explode, leading to WWE WrestleMania V main event

When the Mega-Powers “exploded” for the WWE World Championship at WrestleMania V, we were treated to yet another Macho Man classic. Hogan and Savage wrestled an amazing match filled with athleticism and awesome story telling, but the question is, did it come too early? Could the Mega-Powers have lasted a little while longer? This writer says ABSOLUTELY. What if Savage didn’t mistake Hogan and Elizabeth’s brother/sister relationship for something more? Perhaps a tag team championship reign? Perhaps only the 2nd tag team WrestleMania main event in history to that point (Hogan & Mr T. vs. Mr. Wonderful & Roddy Piper – WM1)? All this writer is saying is before the Two-Man Power Trip of Triple H & Stone Cold with Stephanie McMahon in 2001, there was the Mega-Powers, and this fan wonders how far arguably the greatest combination of superstars in a tag team in history could have gone if they were given just a little more time.   Rest in Peace Macho Man & Miss Elizabeth. The legacy of the Mega-Powers will undoubtedly last forever.

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