Total Bellas: Bellas are Back in Action

Season three of Total Bellas left a lot of fans with a lot of heartache. Viewers were given an up close and personal look at the break-up of John Cena and Nikki Bella’s relationship throughout the season with Brie Bella and her husband Daniel Bryan playing a similar role to the viewers of the reality show, watching all of this unfold but being powerless to stop it from unraveling. It’s safe to say that when season four was announced, fans were looking forward to a happier season than they were given with season three. The first episode of season four is entitled ‘Bellas are Back in Action’ and the title alone sounds promising that maybe brighter things are on the horizon not only Nikki but for Brie as well.

Starting Over is Always the Hardest Part

The season opens on Nikki in Tampa with her Mom where she is dealing with the aftermath of her breakup. She must go to the old house that she used to live in with John to get the rest of her stuff. It is clear throughout these scenes that Nikki is not looking forward to going back to where she used to live and where all those memories took place. She talks about wanting to move forward and being on her own in a good place. While viewers do not actually get to see her move her belongings out of the house, they do get to see the drive back from her old house. While driving Nikki says that though she was not looking forward to going back to where she used to live, in a way it has given her closure, she is ending that chapter of her life to start a new one. She comes to terms with the fact that because she does live a very public life in the spotlight, she is always going to get questions about her relationships, whether they be passed or current ones. With this realization, she understands that she can still move forward and eventually be known as just herself without someone else’s name attached to hers.

Baby Mode?

While Nikki has been doing some soul searching and self-healing, Brie has been working hard on Birdiebee and Belle Radici, the businesses that the Bellas have outside of WWE. While keeping both businesses afloat and working very hard to do so, Brie and her husband Daniel Bryan start to consider trying for baby #2. While both are excited to start trying to have another baby, it seems as if Daniel is more excited than Brie is. Daniel continuously is coming up with different methods /ways to help Brie become more fertile, he even goes out and buys a fertility tea to help the process along. While all this planning towards baby #2 is happening, Brie gets a phone call from WWE informing her that they want to plan a comeback for her where she would be on both brands, SmackDown and RAW. While Brie is excited and thrilled by this news, she has also become torn. Should she accept this comeback that would be mean that her and Daniel would have to put baby #2 on hold. Brie decides to tell Daniel about this comeback by showing him the new merch designs WWE has created for her and Nikki and openly tells him that she did not tell WWE that her and Daniel had been in the process of planning for baby #2. Her and Daniel decide to hold off on having baby #2 so that Brie can have her comeback with her husband’s full support.

Bellas are Always Better Together

In this episode Nikki decides that she wants to move to LA to start this new chapter of her life. When she brings this idea up to Brie however, she does not get the support from Brie that she thought she would. Brie does not understand why Nikki would want to move to LA when she has her whole family and support system where she is right now. Brie goes so far as to tell Nikki that if she does move to LA, she would be all alone and have no support there. While Nikki tries to defend herself, Brie continues to say that all Nikki is doing by moving to LA is running away from her problems. This upsets Nikki so much that it drives a wedge between both sisters causing Nikki to get up and leave Brie alone at lunch. The next time the twins are together they are at a photo shoot for Birdiebee and it is awkward, both sisters cannot seem to get passed the fight that they are having about Nikki moving to LA. It is around this time that Nikki and Brie receive the news that they are planning a comeback for both women in the WWE. Both Nikki and Brie are so excited about this news that they seem to completely forget about the fight that they were having. In the end Nikki does end up apologizing to Brie and even explains the reasoning that she is moving; she is doing this for her not for anyone else. While Brie understands and does support Nikki in the end both are sad that they will be without each other and not be in the same city anymore.

The Bellalution has Begun

The episode ends with both Bella twins at the photo shoot for their comeback at WWE talking about how happy they are to be back, how right it feels to be back, and how much like home WWE has always felt for them. At the end of the episode clips are shown to preview what will happen in the rest of the season. It seems as if this season has two constant themes throughout it based on the preview alone, the Bella Twins comeback to WWE and Nikki being single and dating again. While I will be the first to admit I am more than willing to follow both themes throughout the season, I wonder if those two things are enough to keep viewers interested in a whole season. I could very well see both plot points getting stale if there is not enough excitement within them. Only time will tell if this season will be better or worse than past seasons but regardless, as an avid viewer, I cannot wait to see what happens next.  

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