WWE Hall Of Famer Edge Talks About Vince McMahon Not Seeing Much In Tag Team Wrestling

Historically, especially in the modern era, WWE has appeared to treat their tag team division as a secondary point of focus. WWe’s mindset and reception of tag team wrestling basically the product of Vince McMahon’s feelings towards tag team wrestling.

On the latest episode of Edge & Christian’s Pod Of Awesomeness, they talked about working through the company’s climate for Tag Team wrestling, but that it still didn’t change anything. Edge goes on to expand on things and share his thoughts on how he feels Vince McMahon looks at WWE’s tag team division.

Edge said:

“To be honest I don’t know how much Vince will ever focus on tag team wrestling because I don’t think he sees much in it. There can be, we’ve proven there can me. The Rock n Roll Express has proven there can be and the Hardys and the Dudleys and the Road Warriors and there’s a lot of instances that have proven that tag team wrestling and I know Steve Austin would be the first one to throw his hat in this ring. Tag team wrestling can be the best match on the show bar-none.”

“Especially when it’s done by two guys like that and they have the right opponents it can be a magical, magical within this industry. You can tell a different type of story with more than just two people and I don’t think Vince has ever seen it that way. I think any time tag team wrestling has made any headway on the show it’s happened almost by accident or without anybody realizing that it’s happening.”

The news that The Revival, arguably one of the best tag teams in the company, asked for their release Monday night following their match on RAW, could be seen as another very telling sign that the tag team climate in the company has not changed.

How does tag team wrestling fit into the plans for WWE’s “New Era” that Vince McMahon has promised? I guess we will have to wait and see..

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(Thanks to our friends at Ringside News for the transcription.)