Ring Of Honor’s Honor Reigns Supreme – Live Attendance Notes & Results

On Sunday night January 13th, 2019 Ring of Honor presented Honor Reigns Supreme live from the Cabarrus Arena in Concord, North Carolina. The event aired live on ROH’s HonorClub streaming service and on Fite TV.

I ( owner Cassidy Haynes) was in attendance for the event courtesy of Ring of Honor, and had a tremendous time. The event totally delivered from top to bottom.

I loved seeing appearances from local talents John Skyler, Corey Hollis, and Josey Quinn, as did the crowd in Concord. Skyler you may remember from his appearance on an episode of WWE Monday Night RAW last year where he portrayed the character Ricky Roberts and was involved in a segment with Bobby Lashley. Skyler & Hollis also treated the Carolinas to a fantastic program/feud on the indy scene, mostly for PWX in recent years.

We were treated with a fun match between one of ROH’s most recent signings Mark Haskins, who debuted the night before at the company’s TV Tapings at Center Stage in Atlanta and The Beer City Bruiser. The obvious mismatch in size presented a very fun match as the Bruiser told Haskins from the opening bell that he wanted a fight, not any of that “flippy crap” (as I believe BCB called it). The match was entertaining and the crowd really appreciated the chance to be one of the first to see Haskins perform in an ROH ring.

The tag team match of NJPW Stars David Finlay & IWGP US Champion Juice Robinson against The Best Friends (Trent Beretta & Chuckie T) was awesome. The night before at ROH’s TV tapings Juice formed a new stable called Lifeblood. Juice and Finlay were joined by Tenille Dashwood (formerly Emma in WWE), along with newly signed Mark Haskins, “Hot Sauce” Tracey Williams, and Bandido. I assume we didn’t see any reference to the groups formation at HRS because the episode showing their formation hasn’t aired yet. But anyway, the match really showed off the Best Friends ability to work comedy into a superb athletic contest perfectly. The crowd really got into the match and appreciated the chance to see some of New Japan’s talent live.

Sadly the matchup that looked to possibly have been a sleeper pick for “Match of the Night” really never got going. We were supposed to see “Hot Sauce” Tracey Williams take on the crowd favorite Flip Gordon, but really early on in the contest Flip appeared to have suffered an injury to his knee. Flip went for a dropkick in the corner and instantly began to favor his knee. He tried to push through the injury but shortly after rolled out of the ring to the floor. The ref went to check on Flip and called the match off due to injury. Colt Cabana came down from the announce table over by the stage to check on Flip and assisted in walking him out of the arena to the back.

Next we had a Proving Ground Match. The contest was a Six-Man Tag Team Match between North Carolina’s owen “Hurricane” Shane Helms, and his partners of Luchasaurus & Delirious versus ROH Six-Man Tag Champions The Kingdom – Matt Taven, TK O’Ryan & Vinny Marseglia. The crowd was of course completely behind The Hurricane, and his teammates, which really played nicely to the incredible heel work throughout the match from The Kingdom. Really good story-telling in this one, which featured ways to really let everyone in the match shine.

The next match was probably my favorite of the night, if not a close second. We saw the newly signed international star Bandido take on PJ Black, or as you probably know him, former WWE Superstar Justin Gabriel. This one was phenomenal. If you ever get a chance to watch Bandido wrestle live, I HIGHLY suggest that you take the opportunity to do so. This was the second time I have seen him work in person, with the first being his appearance at ALL IN, and he lived up to the expectations I had. The contest was fast paced, there were incredible high spots, they worked inside and outside the ring, the match had it all. The crowd was definitely “all in” on Bandido also.

The ROH TV Title match followed that, and was supposed to be a four corners match between Champion Jeff Cobb, Rhett Titus, Jonathan Gresham, and Shane Taylor, but prior to the match starting Taylor got on the mic and cut a solid heel promo basically saying he was too good for a 4-Way match and he had nothing to prove here. So instead we saw a Triple Threat match. Jeff Cobb is a freak of nature. Good match that really put over Cobb’s strength and overall athletic talent, and worked to set up Cobb’s next apparent program for the ROH TV Title. Post match, Shane Taylor returned as he rushed through the crowd and entered the ring laying Cobb out.

The Women of Honor World Title Street Fight match is another sleeper pick for potential match of the night. Kelly Klein put her WOH Title on the line against Jenny Rose which saw some brutal high spots. At one point during the match Rose had laid Klein out on a table on the floor, Rose attempted a big slash from the ring through the table and Klein. However, the table didn’t sell the spot as Rose bounced off Klein and the table. The crowd erupted in a “one more time” chant, but instead Klein scooped up Rose and put her through the table from the ring with a nasty driver, which drew a “holy shit” chant from the Concord fans. The two used tables, chairs, the guard rail, it was a really entertaining street fight that succeeded in putting over ROH’s WOH World Champ Kelly Klein, who also just re-signed with the company.

In what I consider to be right behind the Bandido contest for Match of the Night was next, the newly formed “Villain Enterprises” consisting of Marty Scurll, PCO, and Brody King took on ROH Tag Champs The Briscoe Brothers & Silas Young. This match might as well have been a street fight also, because we saw action inside and outside of the ring. The match had a spot that featured a vicious chop battle between Mark Briscoe and PCO that was one of the stiffest exchanges I’ve seen. The two must have thrown 50 chops or more combined. Mark Briscoes chest was instantly showing the effects of those PCO chops as well. The crowd was fully behind Villain Enterprises, and were treated to an awesome match. PCO and King looked strong and came off as complete beasts, I really look forward to seeing what the company does with this group from here.

NWA World Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis makes a surprise appearance as he came out on stage and talked about the legacy of the NWA World Title and it’s importance in the Carolinas/Mid-Atlantic territory. He announced ROH’s partnership with the NWA to bring back The Crockett Cup in 2019, to the very arena we are in right now, the Cabarrus Arena in Concord. He also talked about how he was here to watch ROH’s World Champion and teased a potential challenge to whoever holds the ROH title. I would assume this tease is going to set up a NWA World Champion vs. ROH World Champion match at the Crockett Cup, but we will have to see.

The Main Event for the Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Title match delivered and was a great way to cap off a solid night of wrestling. Jay Lethal defended his title against Dalton Castle who has recently returned from injury, and the two put on a stellar wrestling match as you would expect. The crowd was split, and a couple “Let’s Go Lethal/Let’s Go Dalton” chants broke out during the match. After the match Jay Lethal addressed the crowd thanking us for their support and talked about what is in store for 2019

Below are the full results from ROH’s Honor Reigns Supreme 2019:

  • Shinobi Shadow Squad (Cheeseburger, Eli Isom, and Ryan Nova) defeated “The Pale Horse” Josey Quinn, Corey Hollis, and John Skyler
  • Mark Haskins defeated Beer City Bruiser
  • Juice Robinson & David Finlay defeated Best Friends (Beretta & Chuckie T)
  • Tracy Williams defeated Flip Gordon (The referee stopped the match after Gordon hurt his knee.)
  • The Kingdom (c) defeated Shane “Hurricane” Helms, Delirious, and Luchasaurus (Proving Ground Match)
  • Bandido defeated PJ Black
  • Jeff Cobb (c) defeated Rhett Titus and Jonathan Gresham (ROH TV Title Match)
  • Kelly Klein (c) defeated Jenny Rose (WOH World Title Street Fight)
  • Villain Enterprises (Marty Scurll, PCO, Brody King) defeated The Briscoes (c) and Silas Young
  • Jay Lethal (c) defeated Dalton Castle (ROH World Championship Match)

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