Sabu Criticizes WWE For Stealing From Him

Sabu is one of the original independent wrestling legends. His career has spanned decades and in each decade he tore his skin and broke bones to entertain the fans.

Making a national name for himself in ECW. Sabu also had a bit more than a cup of coffee in WWE. Wrestling John Cena, RVD and Big Show for their respective world titles.

Apparently WWE still using his images and legacy for their monetary gain upsets The Suicidal, Homicidal and Genocidal Sabu.

Update: the tweet has now been deleted but Sabu’s tweet originally read, “@WWE stop puting me over like i. Working for wwe .unless u wsnt to pay me for ripping me off stop steling from me stel grom some one esle or cut me the fuck in !$$$ or just fuck off . i brok my body for the fans n my self not for wwe and you make mote money on me than i do.”

Even those with the keenest eye might have trouble deciphering the tweet. Sabu tagged WWE to stop putting him over like he worked for WWE unless they want to pay him. He claims they rip him off and steal from him.

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