205 Live Recap: Episode 96

Last week on 205 Live: TJP ripped off Lince Dorado’s mask to get a cheap win, Noam Dar really wants to wrestle Lio Rush and Cedric Alexander retained his championship against Drew Gulak.

Cold Open

There is a new “Then, Now, Forever” beginning. Which makes a bench mark for future generations to feel nostalgic about.

Drake Maverick tells us that Cedric Alexander will be wrestling Buddy Murphy in Australia and there will be a sit down tonight. Also, the two youngest competitors in 205, Noam Dar and Lio Rush compete. The rivalry between Hideo Itami and Mustafa Ali comes to a head in the main event. The last time they had a match it was so physical that Mustafa Ali collapsed.

Noam Dar vs. Lio Rush

Let’s make a note that Lucha House Party are not featured in the opening match.

Lio Rush comes out last and has 20 pounds of swagger in a 10 pound bag. Before the match starts Lio slaps Noam in the face and then they play a game my daughter called ‘chase’. Noam finally caught up with Lio by kicking Rush’s leg out of his leg.

Noam Dar is dominating the match and tossing Rush around like Lio is a ragdoll. Commentary puts over the fact that when Dar first showed up to 205 Live, he too was braggadocios and had a large ego. There is a little bit of Dar in Lio Rush.

Lio was able to turn the tables with some quick offense and followed that up by slowing hte match down with a reverse bearhug to Dar. The advantage doesn’t last long though because Rush goes for a crossbody and Noam just falls down, leaving only the ropes to catch the body of Lio.

Dar uses that advantage to hit a series of moves ending in a couple near falls. Noam keeps attempting the Nova Roller, his finishing manuever and cannot connect. Dar lays a flurry of punches on Rush, Lio plays possum long enough to kick Dar square in the face and hit a frog splash for the victory.

Buddy Murphy, Drake Maverick and Cedric Alexander are backstage for this “sit-down”. Drake reiterates that Cedric is undefeated this year and Murphy has home town advantage. The champion and challenger tell each other that they will win. You know how it goes.


The Brian Kendrick w/ Jack Gallagher and Drew Gulak vs. Local Talent

Local Talent is already in the ring. I just thought, is there a wrestler named Local Talent? If not, there should be. By the time I typed that Brian Kendrick made Local Talent tap out. So that was quick.

Drew Gulak then attacks Local Talent. As Gulak relentlessly beats up Local Talent, some fan screams “Oh that’s not nice. C’monnn” which made me laugh.

Mustafa Ali cuts a promo in the back about the definition of insanity. Ali wonders if it is insanity because every time he has faced Itami he has lost. Ali says Hideo needs to be stopped and Ali is the “light in the dark”.

TJP cuts a promo in his old lucha mask, explaining how he understands the tradition of lucha and he doesn’t care or respect it. Next week TJP vs. Kalisto. I guess LHP has a new feud starting.

Mustafa Ali vs. Hideo Itami

Commentary runs through the rivalry and each mans match strategy. It’s nice that commentary doesn’t have to plug or promote anything so they can use the wrestler’s entrances as a way to explain the story of the feud.

After some cat and mouse Ali is able to lay an open hand chop on Hideo’s chest. Nigel says Ali is moving slower because Mustafa is not trying to exhaust himself. Right after that Ali starts doing some flippy do’s and Vic Joseph says “Mustafa Ali shows no effects of his prior symptoms.”

Mustafa Ali screams “I’ve been waiting for this!” and precedes to kick Itami in the face, drawing blood. Itami is able to trap Ali’s legs and pull Mustafa to the ground. Itami then slides Ali’s legs away from the turnbuckle post, spinning Ali’s head directly into the post.

Now the story of the match is starting with Hideo working on the head and neck of Ali. Hideo is toying with Ali now to the dismay of the live crowd. After Itami plays to the crowd, Ali gets up and we are in the midst of a strike battle.

The work these two men are doing is tremendous. They took a dead crowd and have them clapping in support of Ali. Bravo. The match is all about Itami punishing Ali. Lots of close ups on Itami and there is blood in between Hideo’s teeth, adding to the brutality. After several kicks to the head and a snap suplex on the outside, the match starts to get uncomfortable. Mustafa is really taking a beating.

Ali hits a desperation kick and follows that with a sit out powerbomb for two. That sequence took a lot out of Hideo and we seem to be on even playing field now. Ali is able to hit a somersault over the top rope onto Itami. The crowd starts a small “205” chant.

Ali attempts a moonsault off of the steel aluminum steps and Itami catches Mustafa with a kick to the face. If Itami didn’t have to roll Ali into the ring the match would have been over. That added time of getting into the ring is what gave Ali enough time to gather his senses. There are tons of near falls now with both men landing big moves for two counts.

Itami counters Ali’s 054 by jumping to the middle rope and hitting a super falcon arrow for two. Itami is showing frustration because of his inability to put Ali away. Hideo takes Ali to the top rope and attempts a top rope superplex which is reversed mid air with Ali landing on top of Itami. Ali is showing a fiercer side by throwing tons of punches on a prone Itami. As Hideo is crawling out of the ring Ali hits a 450 on the side of the apron. Both men are writhing in pain outside of the ring as the referee counts both men out.

Drake Maverick runs down to check on both superstars while screaming for doctors and stretchers. As the commentary team goes back over the highlights of the match we see the finish a few more times, it is really something to see. Just a gross thud when the bodies collide. Ali can barely breath and Itami is knocked out completely as the show goes off the air. 205 Live continues to deliver the best main event wrestling you’re going to see anywhere under the WWE umbrella.

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