205 Live Recap: Episode 94

Last week on 205 Live: Gran Metalik defeated Tony Nese in a one-on-one match that was better than expected, Noam Dar beat a local talent while Bobby Lashley’s new mouthpiece Lio Rush was on commentary and Cedric Alexander earned a victory over TJP in a very fun match.

Cold Open:

Drake Maverick is back to his narrating ways. Announcing Buddy Murphy vs. Gran Metalik in a match for MOMENTUM. We also get Gulak and Gallagher vs. Tozawa and Alexander. Drake mentions Cedric Alexander’s 2018 undefeated streak.

The commentary team runs down their opinions on tonight’s card with Nigel picking the heels to win and Percy picking the babyfaces.

Buddy Murphy vs. Gran Metalik

205 Live has a habit of having Lucha House Party start the show. My thoughts on the matter are that LHP are colorful, have fun entrances, do flippy doo’s and give the crowd an idea of what 205 Live is for the uninitiated. When a casual fan sees a lucha mask they expect fast paced high flying action.

Two women in the crowd try and start a “Buddy Murphy” chant. Percy Watson talks about how important masks are to the lucha culture and Gran Metalik. Percey says that the mask gives Metalik power “like super powers” which had me cracking up.

Metalik hit a moonsault onto the floor on Buddy Murphy, but while Metalik was climbing and preparing the moonsault you could totally see through his tights. Dude was wearing.. I wouldn’t say a thong, but definitely not underwear. Take note, don’t wear white spandex pants.

Murphy takes control and turns on his heel wrestling game by grounding Metalik and slowing the match down. All I can think about though is how Metalik had to have known his gear is semi see-through. Metalik sits in a chinlock for close to two minutes and by the looks of the crowd, not many people are enjoying this.

Metalik was able to pop the crowd by hitting a sunset flip powerbomb off the top turnbuckle. That move leveled the playing field in this match and both men are starting to show signs of wear and tear. Metalik fights through the pain and hits a sequence of offensive maneuvers off the ropes.

Gran Metalik goes to the well one too many times by going to the top rope and Murphy was able to trip up Metalik, leaving the ‘King of the Ropes’ prone on the top rope. This leads to a counter fest that ends with a nearfall after a sitout powerbomb by Murphy on Metalik.

Both men took this match to another gear with a strike battle and back to back near falls. The crowd is only reacting to the moves but after the initial “ooh and aah” nothing sustains. Metalik tweaks his knee a bit which gives Buddy Murphy an opening to hit Murphy’s Law for the victory.

Murphy cuts a promo after the match saying basic things like “I am bigger faster and stronger” but it wasn’t a tongue in cheek Daft Punk reference. Buddy ends the promo with “I’ll be the next, the new WWE Cruiserweight champion.”

Video of a month ago when Mustafa Ali was going to win a match but he over exerted himself and was too exhausted to finish. This is an ongoing storyline where Ali can’t wrestle until Maverick gives the go ahead.

Cut to Mustafa Ali in his gear prepping for a match tonight. Cedric Alexander says 205 Live isn’t the same without Ali and the champ is glad Ali is back. Tozawa does some comedy bit. 

Mustafa Ali vs. Michael Thompson

Before the match can start Hideo Itami’s music hits. This reminds me of last week, when there was an enhancement match and before it started there was a wrestler interruption. Itami cuts a promo and gets “What” chants because people in Louisana are dicks apparently.

The bell rings and Ali attacks Michael and stays on the attack. Thompson gets some offense in when Ali stares at Itami for a bit too long. The offense of Michael doesn’t last though because Ali hits a tornado DDT followed by an 054 for the victory. That was a very quick match that is letting us fans know Ali is back and well rested. He is ready to beat the tar out of Itami.

Gulak and Gallagher are brought to Maverick’s office. Drake says he hopes the match does not turn into chaos. Gulak says their sole purpose is an inspirational victory for The Brian Kendrick who is sidelined at home.

Noam Dar and Lio Rush cut selfie promo’s to each other.

Cedric Alexander & Akira Tozawa vs. Drew Gulak & Jack Gallagher

I don’t like how we are reminded that Alexander has been undefeated throughout 2018. No way in hell does Cedric lose a match before he loses his championship. Takes a lot of the drama out of the match.

Commentary rehashes the story between Gulak and Alexander. How Gulak has attacked Alexander from behind multiple times and now Cedric finally gets a chance for retribution.

Cedric out wrestles Drew Gulak and Drew tags out quickly. Once Jack gets tagged in things get real fun because the chain wrestling between Cedric and Jack is tremendous. Prior to WWE, Jack was one of my favorite wrestlers to watch. The way he is able to manipulate joints and body parts of his opponent is mesmerizing.

Akira and Drew both tag in and now we are settling in to a typical tag match. Tozawa is being worked over by Jack and Drew, which telegraphs the end of the match. I’m guessing a hot tag to Cedric who cleans house and wins the match by pinning Gallagher.

Commentary says that Drew is upset because he wasn’t given a rematch for the championship after asking for one. Now instead of earning it, Gulak has decided to become a thorn in Cedric’s side.

Jack was showing off his wrestling prowess by dissecting Akira Tozawa. After Gallagher tags Drew in, Gulak is sure to show off that he is just as good a wrestler as Jack. Gulak is caught by Tozawa leaving Akira a chance to tag Alexander in. Gulak tags Jack in and we are off to the races. Cedric attempts a Lumbar Check and Gallagher reverses it into a pin.

Some back and forth pin attempts until Alexander hits a C4 for the count of two after Gulak breaks up the pin. Gulak got all of Cedric’s attention and Alexander shows the anger that Gulak brings out of him. That leaves Cedric open for Jack to attack. Gulak and Gallagher double team the champion and seem to have the match well in hand. I was expecting a win for Cedric there but obviously I was wrong.

Alexander fights off Jack and Drew, tags in Akira and then Cedric and Gulak go over the top rope to the floor while Tozawa hits a sequence of moves on Jack that ends in a dive to the outside.

Tozawa goes for his top rope senton but Gulak pulls Jack out of the ring. Jack and Drew again double team Alexander but this time it’s on the outside of the ring. Gallagher enters the ring and headbutts the shit out of Tozawa, tags Gulak in for a Gulock and win. Color me shocked because Alexander lost a match. Granted he wasn’t pinned and commentary covered for saying “undefeated singles wrestler” but still. Surprise finish to a fun little match. Nothing of not really happened tonight and no stand out matches. 205 Live is still a great little wrestling show.

Drake Maverick makes a Drew Gulak vs. Cedric Alexander championship match for next week.

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