Reason For Daniel Bryan Being Very Angry With The Miz

On this week’s go-home episode of Smackdown live, where, in the main event Brie Bella faced against Maryse, Daniel Bryan was especially angry at the Miz, judging by the way he gave him stiff shots. The reason for that is most likely because The Miz was a little too rough with Daniel’s wife, Brie.

In a spot where Bella pinned Maryse and The Miz then went in and grabbed Bella, he pulled her toward the apron and she fell to the floor with a single yank. Bryan Alvarez on Wrestling Observer Live had this to say:

“Miz is used to pulling heavy men out of the ring and when he gave light Brie Bella a yank she went flying out of the ring.”

“If you watch it, it looks like Miz breaks character and he bends down to apologize to her. But then Daniel Bryan came in and he beat the hell out of Miz.”

The ensuing rivalry between the two seems to have intensified.

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h/t to Ringside News for the transcript.