Marty Scurll Dismisses Rumours Surrounding Him

All In had to be finished by 11 PM Eastern according to the contract by the sponsors and rumours for the rushed main event pointed Marty Scrull who took almost twice as much the allotted timeslot, which then caused him to have backstage heat.

Marty then put those rumours to rest when he spoke at The Prime Time with Sean Mooney podcast. 

He said the following:

“Normally I don’t like to reveal the curtain back too much, but in this case, I will. No, we went a minute over – people saying like 14 minutes over, no, no, no, no. The show ran 14 minutes over, so a bunch of the other matches went over… but obviously I guess our match was crucified because obviously, we were the match on before last…

Just before I went out, Nick Jackson said to me and Okada, ‘Guys, whatever you do, don’t cut anything. Just do whatever you do, even if we go on dark tonight, it’s fine. Just do what you need to do.’

As far as the curtain call, none of us knew what was going on! I was in the semi-main match, so I finished my match, I’ve cooled down, whatever – blahblahblahblah. I was in the shower. I didn’t have a clue!”

The Villain is unfazed by rumours such as this, especially after having a great match against Okada at ALL In.

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h/t to CagesideSeats for the transcript