Mark Henry Talks About Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair

WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry made an appearance on Busted Open Radio and went on to discuss the ensuing rivalry between Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair. He went on to say how both of them were relatable to the fans, as they worked hard to get where they are.

Here’s the excerpt:

”Charlotte is a rarified heir. She was born to be great as she came from greatness. It’s excpected– my kids are jaded, spoiled, entitled as hell. They have every opportunity that a kid like was growing up had no opportunity. There was no safety net… If I failed, I worked at the plant. I was not the best student, I passed, but I was not the best student…Charlotte is the success story and Becky is commonplace. She is the person that has the struggle, that came from nothing, that worked her ass off just to get looked at..and that’s what our fanbase is.

Let me tell you something about greatness because thank God I’ve been there. I’ve walked in a place and people are like, “Oh, Mr Henry! You know what, don’t worry about the reservation. We got a special table for you.” I’ve had that, and I’ve gone to places where I get the opposite of that… So I understand what Charlotte is too. That being said, the reason this is an angle we all love is that we all identify with it.”

The angle between the two is one of the best in long.

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h/t to Wrestle Zone for the transcript