Big Cass on Who He Still Keeps In Touch With From WWE

Big Cass had recently taken part in Heated Conversations With Booker T and talked about the WWE wrestlers he still talks to from time to time. He had previously talked about matters concerning his release.

Here is what he had to say:

I talk to my buddies from WWE still, like Kevin Owens, or Daniel Bryan who has helped me in more ways than one. They just say the work outside WWE is incredible compared to what it was when they were just working independents.”

“Adam Cole, he’s a great dude. That guy… I don’t say this about many people, that guy is a great human being, just an amazing human bring.”

It seems like Big Cass managed to retain a few friends from his former workplace. Only time will tell if he ever makes a return to the WWE.

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h/t to Wrestling Inc  for the transcript.