Has WWE Already Found Lesnar’s Replacement As The Next Paul Heyman Guy?

Has WWE found their next “Paul Heyman Guy”?

It appears as though Paul Heyman was spotted working in NXT with Lars Sullivan. This of course has began to fuel speculation and rumor as to what this means.

You can see photos of Heyman standing outside an NXT ring, with Lars Sullivan inside seemingly taking advice or coaching from Heyman with the capture “always learning”, which was circulating on Reddit earlier.

The tweet in reference with the photos of Sullivan and Heyman can be seen below.

Could WWE be planning on making Lars Sullivan the next Paul Heyman Guy? It has widely been reported that Brock Lesnar will be leaving WWE following SummerSlam to focus on his upcoming UFC fight against Daniel Cormier. With Lesnar departing for an unknown amount of time to refocus on his MMA career, does this mean that Lars Sullivan will be called up to RAW and paired with Heyman?

Of course Heyman could always be there just in a coaching role giving advice to NXT stars, as WWE often has guest coaches come in and offer guidance for their upcoming Superstars.

We will keep you updated if we hear more regarding plans for Lars Sullivan and or Paul Heyman.

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