Veteran MMA Trainer Explains Why Connor McGregor Wears Down Fast In Fights

UFC Fighter Connor McGregor is one of the biggest icons in sports and entertainment and is also known for speed and punching power that stops his opponents early in the fight.

Veteran MMA trainer Firas Zahabi, who coached Georges St-Pierre, explained to Joe Rogan on his podcast why Connor McGregor wears out faster during fights.

“I think it’s partly genetic because you see, I call it the touch of death. He’s got that left hand. It’s the touch of death. That touch of death comes at a cost. How does he have the touch of death? Where does power come from?” said Zahabi.

Number one on the list is where your muscle is attached to the bone. It’s genetic. So, Mike Tyson hits, he has a powerful left hook not because his coach taught him how to hit a left hook. He could hit a left hook like that if he had a mediocre trainer. It has to do with the leverage of his bones. For instance, imagine I had a heavy pole that weighs 100 pounds and I want to stand it up. Well, depending on where I grab it, I’m going to have more resistance or less resistance. If I grab it near the end, I have more leverage. So, where your muscles attach to your bone is going to dictate how much leverage you get out of it,” he explained.

The second most important element is the type of muscle fiber you have. A type, so if you have a fast-twitch muscle fiber, you can hold less oxygen, but it can twitch faster, hence the name. So, if you’re a slow-twitch muscle fiber guy, you can metabolize more oxygen, but you can’t twitch as fast. So, there’s a give and take!”

Zahabi made it clear that McGregor can’t take a fight more than three rounds.


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