Hurricane Pro Wrestling Results and Review – June 16th, 2018

I decided to make my journey to my local promotion Hurricane Pro for a third show in a row to crown a brand-new Women’s champion, where I learned on this night was to be decided in a gauntlet match. This was 16 years in the making, which makes this that much sweeter. Plus, they had a nice lineup to round out the gauntlet and the rest of the night. I bought VIP tickets, so I could get their sweet pink We Are Hurricane Pro T-Shirts and meet the women before the mass of people come on in.

I go to the VIP meet and greet two hours before the show, it was nice and low key. Hurricane Pro runs a great promotion with doing this, Hyan, Phoebe, Simply Luscious, Chelsea Green and Miranda Alize were all very, very nice. After talking to Phoebe, I will check out some of her stuff outside of Hurricane Pro she really stood out to me because I had seen the others before at least once, while this was the first time seeing Phoebe in action or in person.

Beginning of show: The show began with the unveiling of the brand new Women’s championship belt and my oh my what a beauty it is.

Match #1: Jordan Jensen vs Ayden Cristiano (w/Manager)
Thoughts: What a fantastic opening match between these two, it wasn’t involving anything flashy on offense, but man the crowd interaction and the chain wrestling were good. Ayden is a veteran of the Texas independent scene traveling all over the state, Jordan has been involved with Hurricane Pro for most of his career as well. Jordan wins at the end cementing his status as #1 contender which would come into play later in the night.

Winner: Jordan Jensen via Pin fall

Match #2: Alex Wayne vs Heinz Emmerich
Thoughts: Fun match that established Dark Alliance as the bad guys and Make Your Own Path as the scrappy underdogs well. Alex was very over with the crowd and made them get behind him. Emmerich is very underrated in what he does. Wayne wins the first match to give them an advantage into challenging for the tag titles if his partner in the next match wins his match as well.

Results: Emmerich via pin fall.

Match #3: Ricardo Cage vs. Billy Wayne
Thoughts: What a nice match with the crowd really getting behind Cage willing him to win. In the end due to interference of the new manager the Dark Alliance managed to snag Wayne won after interference in front of the ref.

Results: Wayne via pin fall.

Match #4: Terrale Tempo vs Bu Ku Dao for the HPW Heavyweight title
Thoughts: This match did a great job establishing Tempo as the badass champion of the promotion showing his dominance against a very game former Wildkat Pro Heavyweight Champion who took him to the limit the last time these two faced off. After the match Jordan Jensen came out and confronted Tempo setting up a match at the next show that has everyone excited. This will be a potentially great match that no one can miss.

Match #5: Pump Patrol (Jared Wayne, Curt Matthews, Jonny Flex) vs. Brysin Scott, Estrella Galactica

Thoughts: This was a fantastic old school match that did its purpose in building two key players in the Cruiserweight title picture which is held by Jared Wayne of the Pump Patrol. In the end water in the eyes of Flex which led to him hitting the Codebreaker on Wayne, who was then hit by the finisher of Galactica led to the champion getting pinned. All five guys looked great in this match I was very pleased with this.

Result: Brysin and Estrella via pin fall.

Gauntlet Match for the Women’s Title: Simply Luscious vs. Phoebe vs. Hyan vs. Miranda Alize vs. Chelsea Green

Simply Luscious vs. Phoebe: This was a fun match to watch. Luscious brought her underhanded tactics to try to outwit the much less experienced Phoebe who in the end pulled through with her arm significantly weakened and rolled Luscious up for the win. It was great to see Luscious compete in person for the first time after following her for a long time on the independents.

Result: Phoebe via rollup.

Phoebe vs. Hyan: What a nice match between these two with Hyan taking advantage of her weakened opponent going after her like prey and getting the win which to me showed how tough Phoebe is and how much of a great opponent Hyan is.

Result: Hyan via pin fall.

Hyan vs. Miranda Alize: This was such a good match, these two complimented each other in the best way. Miranda showed such fire and had to fight from underneath to win against Hyan who had the best showing outside of Miranda of the night showing heart going through two rough matches. Miranda won in a very hard fought battle. This would have been match of the night except for the last match.

Miranda Alize vs Chelsea Green: My God, what a match! This was taken everywhere from the ringside area almost running over the ring announcer to the outside where they beat the heck out of each other. When this is released on the YouTube page you MUST check this out. I have never seen a match like this at a live show, I cannot emphasize enough how good this was. They were presented as equals and looked as such. In the end Miranda won via the Yes! Lock to win the HPW Women’s title in about 18 minutes. Props to both women for putting on one hell of a match. I hope Green comes back for another shot because this will burn down the house again and have the crowd on their feet.

Result: Miranda Alize via submission.

Final Thoughts: If you can ever get down to Beaumont, Texas to check it out you absolutely need to. This promotion is starting to gain steam and I don’t know if anyone can stop them. They added a big production upgrade in moving into the main civic center instead of the lobby. They trimmed the fat that was sometimes there and made it into a much better show even clocking in at 3 hours. Their next show will be on July 28th with the main event of Jordan Jensen vs Terrale Tempo plus many more to be announced. Check out Hurricane Pro on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more details.